The Vengeance Of An Angel

Life is easy, losing a loved one is hard... 3 years ago Gabriel Black lived a normal life as one of the worlds best lawyers who had the girl of his dreams. A man born British living in America but that would soon change. His wife is carrying his unborn child. 1 month before the baby is due his house is broken into while he is in court. During the break in everything of value is took and his wife is shot. Determined to find the men who did this Gabriel searches endlessly for answers. A man driven by justice can change his whole being to get revenge.


4. I Wish You Were Here...

I pulled up outside the cemetery and checked my watch. 6:56 am, perfect timing I had 4 minutes to walk to her grave. I reached into the car and gripped the bottom of the flowers I had to place down at Mariella’s grave. Climbing out of the car felt like a long way up for a man my height but something I was now accustomed too. I stood up straight, brushed myself down and flipped my collar up on my coat. I started to walk towards the gate of the cemetery, striding with each step. Opening the gate sent an eerie creak echoing down the street and a shiver down my spine. I checked my watch one last time knowing it would take me about 2 minutes to walk to the grave. 6:58am, my timing was impeccable and it always caused me to smile knowing I wouldn't be late. I approached the grave and took a deep breath... “I’m ready...” I repeat these words to myself every day before crouching next to her grave. I never said anything but always allowed my thoughts to run wild for a few moments until I would set the flowers down and wipe a tear away. This had become a routine for me every day. “Mariella...” I began to say... Shocking myself as I did knowing this was something new. “I need you here with me... I no longer know who I am, I am nothing without you, and I love you. I wish you were here...” I cut the ‘conversation’ short and stood up. I simply dried my eyes and started to breath deep. I turned on my heels and headed back to my car.

I drove for a few moments to move away from the cemetery and pulled over to gather my thoughts and pull myself together. Am I in over my head? Can I really even begin to look for the murderers? Several minutes passed and I snapped back to the real world, “of course I can” I told myself, “I have to”! I set off in the direction of town... I decided that would be the best place to begin my search for the gun dealers. A strange feeling of excitement and sheer terror coursed through my body. Knowing I could finally be getting closer to getting my revenge and justice filled my veins with adrenaline and a determination I hadn't felt since I was working as a lawyer. Perhaps this is it... Finally, after so many years the end has begun... Maybe when this is all over I can put my daemons to rest and rest myself. The justice of these criminals will be my peace and hopefully allow me to start to move on, but never forget. I don’t know how many times I have wished for her to come back and then realized how useless it was, but the hope that putting these inhumane people behind bars kept me going. Behind bars... or dead... Either works for me, they deserve it and if I get the chance there’s no telling what I will do. No one could know until they were in that situation and no one could blame them for whatever decision they did make. Perhaps this is what makes me feel fear while hunting them... I don’t want to kill them but sometimes vengeance is the over powering ‘emotion’. Even an angel can be cruel so there’s no telling what I will do. Despite what people might say being a lawyer isn't all that stressful in fact it’s quite the opposite half the time, winning a case is possibly the greatest stress reliever, to return to work after all this is over would be a blessing for me although I am unsure if it will come to that. The traffic lights turned red as I approached them but it gave me time to think... What if I can’t stop them? What if they kill me too? At least I’ll be at peace and by her side again but justice must be served and I am willing to take the risk... The lights turned green and I set off once more ever closer to my goal.

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