Murder, she typed

"I come from the International Time Travellers Association," she said proudly, but seeing my blank expression she added, "Well, all right, the International Time Travellers and Jaffa-cake Association, but that is hopefully getting changed soon."

I blinked as she removed her furs and a wig, revealing straw coloured hair and a simple dress of blue cotton.

"The ITTJA? We fix paradoxes, have a laff-a and eat boxes of that wonderful Jaffa? Our slogan? Helloooo?"

Somehow, I still felt dubious.


6. The gardens of truth


"So, Lady Frinton -" I started.

"Please call me Mary," she flashed a pearly white grin.

"Er… Mary," I tried desperately to remember my first question, "What was your husband like?"

The Lady glanced furtively at a few of the silent servants then gave a watery smile, "It's a little stuffy in here, isn't it? Shall we take a walk in the gardens? They are lovely this time of year."

I nodded, though couldn't help but glance at her towering shoes and the window showing the long damp grass outside. Still she seemed unfazed and marched out of the room with me scampering behind her.

As we walked through the various rooms, I lost track of the passageways and corridors we marched through. I had brief views of grand paintings by old masters or delicate relics balanced here and there. When we whisked through yet another dining room, the haughty butler from before blocked our path. Lady Frinton didn't seem to pleased to see him.

"Would you like someone to escort you and this… reporter?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Detective and reporter," I muttered.

"Do not worry yourself, we will be fine," the Lady politely but assertively swept him aside and threw open a french window onto a circular garden surrounded by a carefully trimmed hedge and filled with painstakingly pruned flower beds. Before I had time to comment on the ivy entwined around the benches and the roses in rows on the left, she beckoned me to a seat in the corner, looked around worriedly and said, "Alright Karen here's the truth.'

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