Summer Romance

It a summer romance, for a girl who moved to her grandma house this summer. She never believe in Love at first sight but when she met this boy, It change her whole life round.


2. Moving

Vanessa pov:

This summer is going to be great!!! I can't believe I get to move out this summer to live with grand ma in the city. I miss her so much and now i can get to see her again. Hope she still remember me. 

"Vanessa! Are you finish? Your brother is waiting outside for you!"

"Yes mum, I'm finish. I'll be downstairs in just a minute."



"Are we there yet?" - Vanessa

"No" - Brother

Few mins later:

"Are we there yet?"- Vanessa


Few hours later:

"Wake Up Sleepy head!!! We're here!" - Brother

"What?" Yawned* -Vanessa

"We're at grandma house."- Brother

"OK,bye bro. see you next 3 months! Don't forget to pick me or I will tell mum!" - Vanessa

"Yea yea yea bla bla bla bye annoying little girl" -brother

Ringing the bell*

"Grandma I'm here!" -Vanessa

Grandma opened the door*

"Hello darling, you have grown so much since the last time I saw you. You turn out beautiful just like your mother. I miss you so much love" - Grandma

"Thanks Grandma I miss you too, You would never believe how happy I am when I heard I was going to live with you for my summer holiday." - Vanessa

"come in love, I don't want you to get cold. I'll show you to your room come with me." - grandma

" Sure Grandma. I can't wait to see my room!" -Vanessa

After grandma show me to my room and ate dinner. I was so tired and went to bed early. I can't wait till tomorrow to check out the mall in the city. It must be very different to the country mall.




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