The Adventure

When Kevin, Gary, Will, Saskia and Christel set off on a caving expedition, little do they know what adventures and misadventures will befall them...

Based on the computer game "Adventure" by Bill Crowther, Don Woods and Mike Arnoutov.


3. Chapter Three

Saskia reappeared moments later. “It’s another teleporter spell,” she explained. “Like the other one, it takes us back to the building.”

“Looks like we’ve figured out how to get this lump of gold out of here,” said Gary with a smile. Much as he appreciated its value, it was rather heavy to keep carrying around. “Let’s get some of these things back to the building before we go any further.”

“Good idea,” said Will. “We can get some more water while we’re there too.”

“Plugh,” they all said together and were soon back in the building. They dropped the nugget, the coins and the diamonds, had another drink of water from the stream and refilled the bottle.

“No sign of Kevin yet,” said Saskia, looking out of the window.

“Time to go back and have another explore then,” said Will.

“Do we have to?” Christel pouted. "That dwarf might still be around somewhere."

“I’m game,” said Saskia. “We might find more diamonds!”

 “Oh, all right then,” Christel brightened. She loved diamonds just as much as Saskia did.

“Plugh,” they repeated and were back at ‘Y2’ again. Another passage led west from there and, following it, they reached a low window overlooking a huge pit, which extends up out of sight. A floor was indistinctly visible over 50 feet below. Traces of white mist covered the floor of the pit, becoming thicker to the right. Marks in the dust around the window seemed to indicate that someone had been here recently. Directly across the pit from them and 25 feet away there was a similar window looking into a lighted room. A group of shadowy figures can be seen there peering back at you.

“Who are they?” Saskia asked.

“No idea,” said Gary. “Doesn’t look there’s anything of interest here, though.”

They went back through Y2 to the last crossroads, picked up the silver and dropped down to the lower passage. To the east it led to the top of a pit, through which the stream flowed. To the west it led into a jumble of rocks with a hole down into a complex junction. They dropped through the hole one by one, then became conscious of by the presence of an angry dwarf in the room with them. “J’mm ljmm spv bmm!” cried the dwarf, hurling a knife at Saskia, missing her by such a small margin that she could feel it brush against her. Gary threw the axe and caught the dwarf squarely. The dwarf fell to the ground and just had time to mutter “Ep’ou mfu uifn vtf fncbmnjoh gmvje. J xbou up cf tuvggfe xjui dsbc nfbu,” before disappearing in a cloud of black smoke.

“These dwarves sure don’t seem to like us being here,” Gary commented as he retrieved the axe. He looked for the knife, but that had vanished completely. They followed a crawl northwards into a large room carved out of sedimentary rock, where the floor and walls were littered with bits of shells embedded in the stone, and came face to face with a giant clam, its shell tightly closed. Will and Gary tried with all their combined might to prise it open, but it remained firmly closed. A wide sloping passageway to the north turned out to be a dead end, however a coral passage rising upwards appeared to offer more hope. The ground beneath their feet became sandier and damper. Suddenly Christel felt herself being sucked downwards and was soon up to her waist in the sand. The more she struggled, the more she sank. “Grab hold of this!” Will called out, extending the rod towards her as she sank up to her armpits. Christel’s arms flailed in the air desparately. Her friends watched helplessly as the sands converged over her head, but at the very last moment, her hands grabbed the rod. Gary and Saskia took hold of Will and gradually they were able to pull a gasping Christel out of the quicksand.

“That was close,” said Will. “You’re a lucky girl, Christel.”

Christel looked down at her clothes. “These were my best jeans,” she mourned. “And that stuff’s in my hair too.”

“We’ll see if we can find something to wipe you down with,” said Saskia. “Doesn’t look as if we can go any further this way.”

They returned to the complex junction and headed east. They were now in a large anteroom, which a sign informed them was still under construction by the “Witt Construction Company.” A few recent copies of "Spelunker Today" magazine lay around. Saskia tried to read them, but they were written in Dwarvish, with which she was not familiar. A passageway from the anteroom took them into the Witt Construction company’s tool room, where a pile of rags were just the thing to wipe the worst of the quicksand off Christel. When she was cleaner, they headed back to the anteroom, then southwards brought them into a magnificently ornate room that looked like a place of worship for some old and mysterious religion, from where a spiral staircase led downwards and upwards. The steps downwards took them into a crypt. All around them were the tombs of people long dead. The dust on the vaults seemed to indicate that the place was rarely used. High above the adventurers massive cobwebs almost covered the ceiling. The spiral staircase leading up was the only exit.

“Brr! This place gives me the creeps,” said Christel.

A closed coffin stood in a corner

“Wonder what’s in the coffin,” said Will.

“There’s only one way to find out,” Gary answered. He and Will pushed on the side of the lid.

“Don’t do it!” Christel cried. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” She was right.

The lid swung open more easily than Will and Gary were expecting. Somewhat uneasily they stepped closer to the coffin in order to get a better look. It was a plain but expensive looking affair of polished oak with a padded interior, which contained an emaciated body dressed in a black evening suit over a white, stiff-collared shirt. A vampire!
As if becoming aware of being stared at, the vampire stirred. His heavy lids lifted to reveal watery blue eyes. His left hand groped briefly inside the coffin and came up with a monocle which he proceeded to fit to his left eye socket. Once so equipped, he focused his eyes somewhere in the area of the adventurers' throats and drawled in an impeccable upper class accent: "Ah, mah young friends... How vehra apposite... Ah could use ah drink, to be sure...".

“Let’s get out of here!” said Will, and the four of them raced up the staircase so fast that they missed the chapel and emerged into a room with a red fish symbol painted on the ceiling. West from there took them into a room that showed signs of having been used as a pantry, though the dust on the shelves and the damp walls suggested it had had little recent use, and further west still into what appeared to be some sort of living quarters. A giant hand descended into the room.

“Fee Fie Foe Foo,” boomed a voice, as the hand grabbed Will and pulled him off his feet. “Stay in the dungeon till I eat you.”




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