The Adventure

When Kevin, Gary, Will, Saskia and Christel set off on a caving expedition, little do they know what adventures and misadventures will befall them...

Based on the computer game "Adventure" by Bill Crowther, Don Woods and Mike Arnoutov.


6. Chapter Six

"I'm gonna need you to be brave now, Chris," Gary confided gently, putting his arms around her shoulders. "It's up to us to get Will and Saskia back. Understand?"

Christel bit her lip and nodded. "I'll try my best."

"Good," said Gary, squeezing her tighter then releasing her. They looked around the chamber. Passages led north and west, with the one they'd come through earlier entering the room from the south. Gary shone his torch up the northern passage and could see that it was blocked off at the far end by a massive, rusty iron door.

"Could that be the dungeon?" Christel asked.

Gary approached the door and tried his keys. One of them fitted the lock, but the door was too rusty to open.

"There was some oil in the other pit," Christel remembered. They climbed back down the beanstalk, filled the bottle with oil and returned to the door. Oiling the door freed up the hinges but it still took some effort to open. Beyond was a magnificent cavern with a rushing stream, cascading over a sparkling waterfall into a roaring whirlpool which disappeared through a hole in the floor. A jewel-encrusted trident lay nearby.

"Take it," Gary said. "We might need it if we encounter those pesky dwarves again."

They drank water from the stream, then washed the bottle out and refilled it.

"This clearly isn't the dungeon," observed Gary. "I think we should go back to plan A and try our luck with the giant. They returned to the iron door to find it had swung to behind them, locking itself and that there was neither keyhole nor latch on the inside.


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