The Adventure

When Kevin, Gary, Will, Saskia and Christel set off on a caving expedition, little do they know what adventures and misadventures will befall them...

Based on the computer game "Adventure" by Bill Crowther, Don Woods and Mike Arnoutov.


4. Chapter Four

“Will!” Saskia cried, as the giant hand took him away. The three remaining adventurers ran out of the living quarters as fast as they could, not stopping for breath until they were back in the ante room. “We’ve got to get Will out,” Saskia said.

 “We have to find the dungeon first,” Gary pointed out. They followed another passageway northwards, getting narrower as they progressed.

“This doesn’t look very safe,” said Christel, looking at the condition of some of the props. She was right, for the passageway was blocked by a rock fall just a few yards further on, however a narrow crack led westwards. Putting down everything he was carrying except the lamp, Gary squeezed through it.

 “It seems to go somewhere,” he said. The girls followed him. The narrow passage petered out after s few twists and turns. A hole led downwards into some sort of tunnel below, but the hole was too deep to climb up again. Gary decided to chance it and drop down. There was a plop as he landed at the bottom, knee deep in sewage.

“You Ok, Gary?” Saskia asked. “Does that go anywhere?”

 “I’m fine,” Gary replied. “And yes, it does go somewhere. I can’t get back up though and I’ve got the lamp so you two are going to have to come down here, I’m afraid."

Saskia dropped down first, followed by Christel. “Yuck!” they both said, “You could have warned us, Gary!” The sewer led southwards and the sewage got deeper. Soon it was up to their waists, then their chests. Christel squealed as eyes looked round the sewer at them and she realised that they belonged to rats. One rat dived into the water and submerged itself. Christel felt it bite her on the ankle.

“Means you taste nice,” said Gary. The sewer divided into narrower and narrower pipes. As they explored, the sewage rose higher. By the time they wound up in a dead end, the sewage was up to Gary’s neck, with Christel and Saskia being forced to swim.

“There’s a crack in the pipe up there,” said Gary. “I think we might just get through.”

He lifted Saskia up and pushed her through, then gave her the lamp and pulled himself up. Finally they both reached down and pulled Christel up, just in time as the sewer pipe below flooded to its maximum extent. They were in an underground chamber, full of waterfalls.

“Mind if I wash all this muck off?” asked Christel.

“Good idea,” Saskia agreed. They showered under the waterfalls, and were surprised to discover that the rocks appeared to be made of soap. As they stepped out from under the waterfalls a warm wind blew through the cave, drying them in no time. Once dried, they climbed out through a hole in the top of the chamber and emerged back into the hall where the snake had been, to find, to their horror, that there was another threatening little dwarf in the room with them. Gary reached for the axe, then remembered he no longer had it. A knife whistled through the air and disappeared. Saskia pulled hard on the dwarf’s beard, causing him to yell in agony. For a moment, he forgot about throwing knives and turned to pull Saskia’s hair in revenge. This was the distraction Gary needed. He rushed forwards, picked the dwarf up in both hands and hurled him down the hole in the floor through which he, Saskia and Christel had just clambered. They heard the scream of the dwarf, a thudding noise, then silence. A plume of black smoke rose from the hole in the ground, but when they looked down the hole, the dwarf had vanished.

“We’d better get the axe back from where we left it,” said Gary. “Something gives me the feeling he’s not the last of those pesky blighters we’ll be meeting.”

“And the bottle of water,” said Saskia. “We might need a drink by the time we’ve rescued Will.”

They returned to where Gary had dropped the objects, drank the water and picked everything up, then went back to the pit with the stream in it to refill the bottle.

“What now?” asked Saskia. “There’s another passageway leading west from the complex junction,” said Gary. “Let’s see what’s that way.”

The passage led through first one chamber, then into another whose walls were so filled with holes that they resembled a Swiss cheese. There was, however nothing of any interest in the room, so they carried on into a further large room which had two pits in the floor. The easternmost pit appeared to be filled with oil, whilst the westernmost pit contained a small plant.

“It seems to be saying something,” said Saskia, listening carefully.

“Don’t be silly,” Christel scoffed. “Plants can’t talk.”

“Sas is right,” said Gary. “It’s definitely saying something. It sounds like, ‘Water, water’.” Saskia opened the bottle of water she was carrying and poured its contents over the plant. They all watched in amazement as the plant grew into a twelve foot high beanstalk. There was now no doubt as to what it was saying as it was now bellowing the same words, “WATER! WATER!” They retraced their footsteps to the stream, took another drink and refilled the bottle. As they walked back to the beanstalk, Christel thought she could hear footsteps following her, but each time she looked round, there was nobody to be seen. They watered the beanstalk again and it grew some more. Now it reached up to a large hole high up in one wall of the cave. Gary started to climb, followed by Saskia and a reluctant Christel. Crawling though the hole and following a corridor, they reached a room with a very high ceiling. In the centre of the room was a nest of golden eggs, which Gary picked up.

Saskia noticed some words scratched into the rock nearby. “Fee fie foe foo,” she read. She had barely said the words when the nest of eggs flew out of Gary’s hands and back onto the table he had picked them up from. The three adventurers watched amazed.

“I think you’ve discovered another magic word,” grinned Gary, picking the eggs up again.

“It’s also what the giant said when he took Will,” said Saskia. “Maybe he will trade Will for the eggs.” “That’s just what I was thinking,” said Gary. They were about to move on, when a bearded pirate appeared in the room. “Ho ho!” he chortled.

“I’ll take all these treasures and hide them with my treasure chest in the middle of the maze!” He paused for a moment. “And I’ll take this wench too. It’s been a long time since I’ve made anyone walk the plank!”

“Sas!” cried Christel as the pirate hurled Saskia over his shoulder and disappeared into the darkness.

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