The Adventure

When Kevin, Gary, Will, Saskia and Christel set off on a caving expedition, little do they know what adventures and misadventures will befall them...

Based on the computer game "Adventure" by Bill Crowther, Don Woods and Mike Arnoutov.


5. Chapter Five

Will looked around his dungeon. The walls and ceiling appeared to be made of solid rock and the floor was made up of tightly fitting flagstones. High on the walls were some stanchions for chains, but the chains were no longer in place. The only sound, apart from his own breathing, was the occasional plop of water as it dripped from the ceiling. The atmosphere was dank and clammy and there was an unusual smell in the air. One of the flagstones wobbled as Will stood on it. With an effort, Will was able to slide it out and found a dark passage underneath. He dropped down. The passage was pitch dark apart from a tiny pin-prick of light at the far end, towards which he crawled on his hands and knees.


The giant was hungry. Time for that snack he’d been promising himself, he thought. His right hand reached into the dungeon and closed around thin air.


“Now what do we do?” asked Christel, almost in tears.

“First of all we get the eggs back,” Gary replied. “Fee fie foe foo.”

The eggs reappeared in the room.

“We’ve lost two of our friends and call you can care about is your precious treasure?” asked Christel, with disdain.

“We might need the eggs to get past the giant and rescue Will,” Gary explained.

Christel nodded. Picking up the eggs, they climbed back down the beanstalk and went in search of the giant.


The pin-prick of light grew larger and brighter. Eventually the tunnel opened out at the bottom of a dried-up well. The rope had been left in the lowered position, so Will was able to climb up it and out of the well. He was in a clearing in the forest. A ramshackle shed lay to the south west and an overgrown path led in the opposite direction. As Will followed the path, he became aware of something lying in the undergrowth. A dead arm protruded from a nettle patch, wearing a watch Will immediately recognised as Kevin’s.


“Put me down!” Saskia screamed as the pirate carried her through the tunnels.

“Do you really want me to do that?” the pirate asked. “These caves are pitch dark without a lamp and there are pits everywhere. If you fell down one, you would break every bone in your body.”

At least it would be quick, Saskia thought. Preferable to walking the plank. She’d heard that the waters round here were shark-infested.

The pirate carried her on through a maze of passages and eventually reached a dead-end, where a large chest lay on the floor. He dumped the treasure on the floor then dropped Saskia. She eyed the lamp in his hand, and his cutlass. Somehow she had to get the lamp off him if she was to have any hope of escaping.

The pirate put the lamp down and turned to pick up a length of rope off the floor. This was Saskia's chance. Grabbing the lamp, she made her bid for freedom.

The passageways all looked alike to Saskia. Which way had the pirate brought her? She turned to the south, then the west and the north. Footsteps echoed round the passageways, but were they hers or the pirates? Or even Gary and Christel's come looking for her?

"Gary, Christel!" she yelled. No answer. There had to be a way out, somewhere. This passageway looked familiar. Just too late, she realised why.

"So nice of you to come back," said the pirate, stepping out from behind a stalagmite. "Did you miss me?"

Grabbing Saskia's arms, he bound her wrists tightly behind the stalagmite to prevent another escape.

"Aren't you going to make me walk the plank then?" Saskia asked, trying to ignore the pain in her wrists.

"Not yet awhile," the pirate replied, binding Saskia's ankles. "But there's plenty of treasure left in these caves yet and I'm hoping your friends will lead me to it. Mark my words though, when I'm done with them, I'll be back for you. What's your swimming like?"

"My friends will find me, I know they will," Saskia replied, defiantly. "Gary! Christel!" she yelled again.

"No, you don't," the pirate said. "I don't want you bringing them here to steal all *my* treasure. Removing his bandanna and balling it, he stuffed it into Saskia's still-open mouth, almost choking her, then picked the lamp up and headed back through the maze, leaving Saskia alone in the dark.

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