The Adventure

When Kevin, Gary, Will, Saskia and Christel set off on a caving expedition, little do they know what adventures and misadventures will befall them...

Based on the computer game "Adventure" by Bill Crowther, Don Woods and Mike Arnoutov.


8. Chapter Eight

"The giant must have already eaten him!" gasped Christel.

"No," replied Gary, pointing at the displaced flagstone. "Looks like he escaped."

They clambered down through the hole and crawled on their hands and knees until they arrived at the well. Gary glanced at the bucket suspended on a rope.

"I'll climb the rope," he said. "Then when I've got to the top you can climb on the bucket and I'll winch you up."

Winching Christel, the bucket, the trident and the vase was harder work than Gary thought it would have been but soon she was out of the well and back on firm ground.

"Looks like this might be the way back to the building," said Gary, pointing out the overgrown path to the northwest.

"Don't look!" he told Christel a few minutes later.

Christel did what anyone who has been told not to look does, and looked. A scavenged body lay in the undergrowth.

"Is that... Kevin's?" she asked, fearing the answer.

Gary nodded grimly. "Nothing we can do for him now. Let's keep moving."

Soon the minibus and the building came into sight. "Will!" Christel called. "Are you there?"

Will's head appeared round the door of the building. "What kept you?"

Cristel ran to Will and hugged him.

"Hey, careful with that trident!" Will said as one of the prongs dug into his shoulder blade, then paused. "Where's Saskia?"

"She's been kidnapped," Christel sobbed. "And Kevin's dead."

"I know, Chris," Will patted her gently.

"I don't know what will happen to the twin now," Gary said solemnly, breaking the silence.

"Twins? What twins?" Christel arched an eyebrow.

"Kevin's older brother was killed in a car accident a couple of years ago," Gary explained. "Kev's sister in law was badly injured and hasn't been able to work since. As she had two young children to look after Kevin used to send her some money every month to support them."

Will and Christel looked stunned.

"I never knew," said Will, after a pause.

"Nor did I," added Christel.

"I only found out by accident," Gary explained. "And he told me never to tell anyone else. But given the circumstances...."

Christel groaned inwardly. What a brat she'd been. Being so caught up in her posh trainers and fancy jeans when two children were missing a father and facing a future in poverty.

"There must be something we can do," she said, then paused and looked at the objects in her hand and those already in the building.

"These must be worth quite a bit," she thought out loud. "And there's more where they came from." She placed the trident and the vase in the building, setting the vase down gently to avoid breaking it.

"We can sell this stuff and give it to the kids' mother. Along with anything else we find when we go back to look for Saskia." She paused.

"We are going back to look for Saskia, aren't we?"

"Course we are," said Will, hugging her again.

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