A Little Thing Called Love

The University of England, Simon College for Girls. Students1582. Lecture rooms 30. Buildings: Medical, Sport, Science, and Arts. Founded in 1886.

Brie Chapman
Alesha Currie
Lauren Devine
Victoria Clark
Eloise Tapscott
Lily Matheson
Justine May
Chloe Mason

Guest Stars:
Demi Lovato
Danielle Peazer
Eleanor Calder
Perrie Edwards
Cher Lloyd

The University of England, Simon College for Boys. Students1832. Lecture rooms 46. Buildings: Medical, Sport, Science, and Arts. Founded in 1857.

Harry Styles
Ed Sheeran
Louis Tomlinson
Liam Payne
Zayn Malik
Josh Devine
Niall Horan

Guest stars:
Justin Bieber
Olly Murs
Bruno Mars
Andy Samuel
Sean Cullen


1. Introducing.....

The University of England, Simon College for Girls. Students1582. Lecture rooms 30. Buildings: Medical, Sport, Science, and Arts. Founded in 1886.

Lauren's POV 
We said goodbye to our parents at the entrance, pleading for them not make a big fuss. My littlest brother, started crying. I hugged him.

"I'll see you soon" I said, kissing him on the forehead. I pulled away and his red, puffy eyes almost made me forgot why Alesha and I had chosen to go to a Uni so far from home. Mum pulled me in for a hug, lightly crying on my shoulder. 

"Be good, do well. And have fun" she wiped a tear from her face and gave me my luggage.

Alesha's POV 
Walking up to the plaque of Simon Uni. The days I've dreamed about this place, full of excitement and nervousness. I was thankful Lauren could make it with me. We walked to the girls in charge of dorm arrangements and schedules. 

"Name?" A fake smile from a brunette as she flutters her eyes at me.

"Alesha Currie and Lauren Devine" she stared up at me ambiguously.

"A-L-E-S-H-A C-U-R-R-I-E" I spelled out, trying not to sound to demeaning. She scanned through papers, got a card and handed them to Lauren and I. Dorm 13. We requested for us to be in the same dorm. My classes were set out pretty good and I had a load of free time.

Justine's POV
Another year. I muttered to myself. Painful as it was, some of the best memories are here. Suck it up. I carried my cases and made my way to Dorm 13. I grabbed the biggest bed, no one had arrived yet. I plastered a wall with my signed Adele posters. If they don't like it, they can shove it. I could hear chatter just outside the door before it opened, two girls walked in.

"Hey" I smiled to them. They were half surprised to see me.

"Hi I'm Lauren, and this is Alesha." The brunette, Lauren said smiling awkwardly. She seemed like she was a shy girl.

"I'm Justine" smiling brightly. The girls stared up at my wall. "You like?" 

"Who wouldn't?!" Alesha exclaimed, taking a closer look at the poster.

Victoria's POV
I set up the table, sign and try-out forms. Brie and I had been given the responsibility as co-captains to take the girls and act, put together a film. For that we need boys, the Simon college boys. We won't let the girls get attached to the boys. Acting comes first. With that rule, the drama club hasn't been the most popular club. World Lama League is has more members than the drama club has ever had, and it's full of weirdos.

Brie's POV
I got Mr. Sheeran to convince the head of offices to keep the drama club going, he was apart of it just as much as Vicky and I. 

"Please, just call me Ed. I'm not your lecturer in your subjects I'm just a regular guy" Ed smiled. "So Victoria, Brie, how do you want this to work?"

"Ok so, we can't exactly choose the production until we meet with Harry, Josh and the rest of their crew. The girls will act, so we know what their strengths are, then we meet with Simon's boys and decide." Vicky explained.

Chloe's POV.
Forbidden to even be seen with any guy from the Simon college, I nabbed one, Zayn. No one knows, just him and I. At first it was just a random summer hook up, but we kept running into each other. He kept giving me lingering looks, and I couldn't stay away from that. 

"Shit it's El and Lily! Hide!" I shoved Zayn in the nearest corner, kissed him goodbye and caught up with el and Lily. Probably wasn't the best idea to be with a Simon boy a block away from the the girls college, oh well. I looked behind, Zayn had a cigarette in his mouth. Was it so wrong to be attracted to that?

Lily's POV
"Hey girls" Chloe gave us a cheery grin as we walked through the many halls of the the college.

"What's that I see?" I looked at the bird like pendant that strung around her neck.

"Nothing" She muttered, I probably shouldn't ask. Eloise, Chloe and I were all roommates on our first year here, and have stayed friends. We stopped and looked at all the performance awards, been given to former students, we have a lot to live up to. We made our way outside and walked to the Drama Club sign-ups. 

"Chloe! Lily! Eloise!" Brie said excitedly.

"Ready for another year?" Professor Sheeran asked.

"I hope so!" Eloise smiled. 

Eloise's POV
So happy to be here with my girls. I know I should be happy in the club, but half the reason I joined is because of the hot captain of the guys drama club. His name is Harry, and oh my he is damn fine! If you know what I mean. Those curls, the eyes and his smile, it's a beautiful dark dream.

"How many have signed up?" I asked. Vicky sighed.

"No one, as usual" She screwed her face when she saw the crude names written on some forms.

Ed's POV
"But at least you could still keep the club running, I hope we get a heap of new comers." Lily thanked me. Just as we said that, Justine and two other girls arrived to our desk.

"And who do we have here?" Victoria squinted in the piercing sun trying to see the two girls faces.

"This is Lauren and Alesha. Their just browsing through the clubs" Justine winked to us. "Yes so this is the famous Drama Club, fun and you get to work with boys!"

"Excuse me but" Brie cut off Victoria, signaling her to let the boy thing go. My eyes fell on Brie. I'm just a regular guy, not a lecturer with a boss that would fire me if I were to be caught with any of the students. No Ed, no.

The University of England, Simon College for Boys. Students1832. Lecture rooms 46. Buildings: Medical, Sport, Science, and Arts. Founded in 1857.

Harry's POV
Ok so far there is, Liam, Josh, Louis and I. We need more than that. I set out sign up forms, and informed anyone who even glanced at my table, all about what we do. 

"Dude, no smoking on grounds" I told a guy with tats and devilish smirk on his face. He said nothing, he took the pen and clipboard, he wrote his name on it. 

"You're gonna need my help." he said.


"I've been around long enough to know you need me if you want more than you and like 3 other guys in the club. We both know a couple will follow my lead, if I join" Smart guy, behind the face, he has logic. But why was he so willing to join?

Zayn's POV
I knew what I was doing. I have hooked with a lot of girls, but I have never went back to one. Never dated. Never had friend that was a girl. It was new. Chloe was different, not clingy. Not wanting me so bad, that she pretended to be drunk so she could sleep with the hottest guy on campus. That's happened more than once. But Chloe and I haven't got to that, yet. But whatever.

"Hi! You should sign up for Drama, let all emotions go into a character. You might like  off Romeo and Juliet's Shakespeare's play." A guy with a very happy attitude said. "I'm Liam"

"Outta my face, I've already signed up" I growled. Too happy for me.

Liam's POV
Gee, he was nice. Though he was nicer than two guys who kicked me off my feet, but you know, I guess I kind of asked for it. I searched the ground of the college, asking everyone I passed. I made my way to some stairs leading to the main park. There sat a guy, with a headphone in one ear and he read a book that I had familiarized myself greatly. Shakespeare.

"Hey! Guy! Look here!" I waved my arms making sure he noticed me. He half smiled at me before pulling out his earphone.

"Hi, Can I help you?" he asked.

Niall's POV
"I think you can, I can tell that you're a freshman. You were just reading Romeo and Juliet, are you anyway interested in acting?" The guy asked rather chirpy.

"To watch, sure. To actually act myself, forget it." giving him a stern look to back him off.

"Well here is a sign up form if you decide to change your mind" that guy seriously has too happy of a tune.

I couldn't act, not here anyway. I've seen and heard the cruel things that happen to the drama boys, get called homosexuals and no one will talk to them. I needed to make friends, not with gays. They may not be gays, but I'd rather not take the chance.

I walked out of the park and to the oval, to see two boys doing improv acting and actually loving it.

Louis POV
"You will never get away with this. I'm innocent, I swear of it!" I cried onto the bench, slamming my fist onto it.

"Sorry son, their aint nothin' I can do for you now." The cop said showing sympathy.

"Get out gaybo's!" one of the football jocks yelled to Josh and I. Ahhh the sound of fresh faces with the same criticism. Never gets old. Josh has been through this for a couple of years. He's taught me to keep going.

"Bring me my lawyer" I swept back a tear. The cop left and my lawyer entered.

"I've found a worm whole in the statement you signed, all we need is a verified signature from the judge. Which won't be easy unless we have more evidence. I won't give up" he assured me.

Josh's POV
To Harry, what Lou and I are doing is promoting the club. I prefer to call it, drowning any chances we have of gaining members. At least I will see her, Victoria, for the third year. I wish the dating rule was banished. I want that girl. Lou and I pushed through the rest of the scene, until a guy threw a milkshake at us.

"Well the milkshakes bought embarrassment to the yard" Louis sarcastically laughed it off. I could see it hurt him, the words. 

"We will report back to Harry now" I said. We were stopped on our way with a boy, hands already full but managed carrying a towel and handed it to us. The bleach blonde held the drama club sign up form in his hand.

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