what we got into

well this is my first story so it might suck cause its my first time lol :) but anyways enjoy


2. meeting one direction

"The winner is Katy Garza," the boy said with a smile. Everyone turned to me. I didn't really think I was gonna win. I grabbed Jazmnes hand so that way I wont go alone. We both went up on stage. I stood next to the boy with all these tattoos on his arm while Jaz stood there staring at the curly haired dude, I think Harry cause she is like in love with him. As they explained everything at what we were gonna be doing we walked off stage. "ok which one of you is Katy?" the blonde one, Niall im guessing, asked us. "Im Katy and that's my friend Jazmine." I said pointing to her. " Yeah im Jazmine." She said staring at Harry. "Ok well we are gonna let you girls go and pack your stuff and then we will let paul call you girls to let you know where to meet us and we will leave from there, ok?" harry said. " ok we will be leaving now thanks," I sad making my way to leave. " wait before u go we forgot to tell your our names," the guys with tattoos said. "I already know your names," Jazmine seaid. " Yeah but I don't know your names," I said looking at them. "Ok well I'm Liam, I'm Zayn, I'm Louis, I'm harry, and I'm Niall," they said introducing themselves smiling. Their voices are so amazing their smiles are so lovely, omg what am I saying I don't like them I never did, but they are just so cute, wait no they are not. "Katy are you alright?" Jazmine said looking at me. "Yeah im good, ok we should go now." I said as I grabbed Jazmines hand.


sorry its short and these notes wont be coming out in all my stories

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