what we got into

well this is my first story so it might suck cause its my first time lol :) but anyways enjoy


4. do they like me?

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I looked at the time and it was 10:30a.m.. I had 1 missed call. it from my mom, so I decided to call her. "hello," my mom answered. " hey mom sorry I didn't answer I was asleep." "its fine honey, so were are you, are you okay?" she asked me. "yeah im alright, and im at hotel which is were we will be satying at for the week." I answered. "ok well call me later, bye." she said hanging up. "Bye."

After the phone call I got out of bed and took a shower. I got ready and picked an outfit out. I slipped on my shoes, grabbed my phone, and left the room. I walked to the elevator and put on my earphones to listen to music. I enetered the elevator and pushed the button to go to the lobby. When I got there I saw all the boys and Jazmine. "Hey Katy", Jazmine said coming towards me. "Hey Jaz, what are you guys doing?" I asked. I was expexting me spending a whole day by myself exploring the city, while Jaz had the time of her life with the boys." We were waiting for you so we can go get breakfast."  she answered pulling me towards the boys." Hey there Katy," Niall said to me smiling. "Hey niall." I smiled. "Hey there love, sleep good?" zayn asked me. "yeah I did thanks," I answered him and smiled.

*zayns  P.O.V*

Wow that smile of hers is just so perfect. she is just so beautiful. I think im starting to like her.

*nialls P.O.V*

She is just so perfect, and beautiful. why can't she be mine already.

*Katy P.O.V*

"So where are we going to eat?" Jazmine asked. " I don't know but we will decided on the way." harry answered her. we all went outside and walked to a limo. Zayn opened the door for me and Niall looked at him with a look. Niall went in after me and sat next to me. I looked at Niall and smiled. Zayn sat on the other side next to me. Am I crazy or do both of these boys like me? No they can't they are famous and im just a girl who hates them and doesn't even know a single thing about them. I got my phone out and changed the song. We finally decided were we were gonna go. We arrived and the place where we were gonna eat we all got off and went inside. They took us to a table. Niall pulled out my chair for me and I smiled. " Thanks niall," I said , " Your welcome Katy'', he said while sitting in the chair next to me. Zayn sat in the chair in front me and the rest sat down. Niall is so sweet, but nope im not, or maybe I am. I felt like this when me and zayn where on the plane.

*1 hour later*

we finished eating and went to the mall to look around. Jazmine, Harry,Liam, and Louis walked around together while I was stuck with Niall and Zayn. I kinda just wanted to walk alone for a while, but I guess not. "So love, where do you wanna go?" zayn asked me. "Um well I wanted to go to Hollister," I answered him smiling. "ok we can go there," niall said holding my hand. I looked at our hands and I kinda liked it. Zayn grabbed my other hand and I looked. So maybe they both do like me? I mean really 2 stars liking me? maybe im just exaggerating , there just holding my hand that doesn't mean they like me.

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