i"m confused

Sabrina Nicole Styles is the sister of the famous Harry Styles.She is falling 4 2 of her brothers best friends Niall and Zayn who will she pick???


3. worried

"ok ummmm promise you wont tell anybody i dont want 2 cause problems" "ok"i said a little worried,"ok ummmmm i'v always had fe- he was cut off by a knock on the door it was  louis telling that they were leaving in 20 mins "ok thanks"zayn said trying 2 rush louis out of the room,"ok what i was saying is that ummmm that ummmm i have a little-cut off again by Niall telling Zayn if he wanted any Nandos,Zayn refused 2 answer,only telling Niall 2 get out you can tell he was getting frustrated and closed the door and locked it."ok no more people are going 2 erupt us"he said,"what i was saying is that i'v always had feelings 4 you Sabrina since the day i met you" in my head i kinda knew he was going 2 say that cuz he's always stareing at me."really Zayn you do" "yes i-i do and i always h-had" it's cute when he studders cuz i know he's scared or nervis 2 say something when he studders.

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