i"m confused

Sabrina Nicole Styles is the sister of the famous Harry Styles.She is falling 4 2 of her brothers best friends Niall and Zayn who will she pick???


4. mixed feelings

"awwww Zayn i*sighed*i do 2" "YOU DO"he said excitedly, "yes Zayn i-i do"he picked me up 2 put me on my feet.When i was on my feet he started kissing me and suprisenly i started 2 kiss him back.His tongue was trying 2 enter my mouth and i let it,our tongue's danced together 4 a little while then there was a knock at the door and i instantly pushed him off of me and ran back 2 the counter 2 pretend like i was still packing his stuff 4 him. "ummmmm Zayn why is Sabrina in here"liam asked,he was at the door."she was helping me pack my hair supplies cuz you know theres alot"zayn said with a fake laugh."oh well wanted 2 tell you that we will be leaving in 5 mins mate"liam said,"ok almost done"Zayn said with a fake smile.after liam left the room i rushed out 2 go 2 my room 2 realize what i just done.

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