i"m confused

Sabrina Nicole Styles is the sister of the famous Harry Styles.She is falling 4 2 of her brothers best friends Niall and Zayn who will she pick???


1. hi

Hi my name is Sabrina Nicole Styles i'm 16 and yeah my brother is Harry Styles from a band called One Direction he and his 4 best friends travel around the country and i hardly get 2 see him because he's always on tour.He face times me sometimes when he's on the bus.When he does come 2 visit all of the boys come 2 there's a problem i'm kinda in love with 2 of his best lads Zayn and Niall.It's awkward because rite before they left 4 there tour zayn kinda kissed me and i was in love with Niall at that time and now i'm kinda not sure now.                                           

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