Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


31. Shopping.

Hannah's POV
I woke up in Harry's arms and I couldn't help but giggle when I noticed he really did have a hickey. 
"What are you laughing at?"-Harry. He looked down at me and his brow was furrowed in confusion. I circled the hickey and kissed it. 
"I was laughing at the fact that I did, indeed, give you a hickey."-Me. Harry chuckled but lowered his face to my neck. 
"Then I should be laughing as well. You have two nice hickeys right here."-Harry. 
"I better be able to cover them."-Me. He started sucking on them and biting them. I pushed him away and I stood up from the bed. I went to Darcy's room and just watched her sleep. She was so precious. Harry walked in behind me and hugged me from behind. I molded into his chest and just stood there. He put his head on my shoulder. We were standing in complete silence for about five to ten minutes when Darcy started crying. I picked her up and carried her to the changing table. I changed her diaper and put a cute cheetah print outfit. It was a cheetah skirt with a purple shirt. It was adorable. She smiled at me and I kissed her forehead. My hair tickled her cheeks so she was pushing it away. I giggled and picked her back up. Harry handed me a bottle and I thanked him. I say in the chair and Harry sat next to me. He had his phone in hand. 
"What are you doing?"-Me. 
"Taking a bunch of pictures."-Harry. I stuck my tongue out at him but he just took another picture. I rolled my eyes but continued feeding Darcy. 
"Mom wants me to bring you and Darcy to go see her."-Harry. 
"That would be nice. I miss her. Will Gemma be there this time?"-Me. 
"She should be. She has told me she's really sorry about not coming to meet you when we were at home. She came to see you at the hospital but you weren't awake."-Harry. I nodded. 
"I'm excited to meet her. She's really pretty."-Me.
"Gemma said the exact same thing about you."-Harry. I blushed and looked down at Darcy. 
"Does she dislike me for the things I've done?"-Me.
"No. It was in the past babe."-Harry. 
"But I hurt her little brother. And you had to save my life.."-Me. 
"Hannah, yes. We both hurt each other countless times. I can name a lost of shit I did to you! I did save your life but I'm damn happy I did. Stop living in the past. She thinks it's amazing how close it has made us."-Harry. I didn't want to continue so I just nodded. He smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back. Darcy was wide awake so I burped her and went back to Harry and I's room. I laid on the bed and had Darcy lay next to me. I laid on my side and just watched her. She was playing with her fingers and toes. I was taking a bunch of pictures and was smiling like crazy. Harry was in the doorway with his phone in hand. No doubt he was taking more pictures. I always took pictures of him and same for him. It helped when he would have to leave for tour or have to go somewhere. I was taking them more than ever now though. My phone started ringing so I answered it but I still had my eyes on Darcy. 
Me: Hello?
Hayley: Would you like to go to the mall today?
Me: Um yeah. Just let me get dressed and stuff. 
Hayley: Grace is staying with Liam. Niall said he was gonna go hang out with Louis and Harry. So you can have them watch Darcy. 
Me: Harry's her dad, he won't watch her. Haha. 
Hayley: You know what I meant. See you in like an hour?
Me: I'll pick you up at your house. It might be more than an hour. 
Hayley: Okay. Well I will be ready when you get here.
Me: Okay. Love you. 
Hayley: Love you too.
"So I'm going shopping with Hayley?"-Me. 
"Good. Get clothes for Holmes Chapel!"-Harry. 
"I have enough clothes?"-Me. 
"You are gonna get clothes. And shoes. Don't lie. Get a new dress. I want to take you out."-Harry. 
"Do you need anything?"-Me. 
"If you want to. I don't care. I do need a new dress shirt and pants though."-Harry. 
"Okay. I'll get that. A tie too?"-Me. 
"Yeah sure. My wallet is on the table, take my card."-Harry. 
"Harry, shut up. I have money."-Me. 
"I want you to use my card."-Harry. 
"Take the cash then."-Harry. I shook my head and picked Darcy up. I handed her to Harry and went to the bathroom. I didn't bother to close the door since no one else was here. I plugged my phone in and put it on shuffle. The first song was Miles Away by Memphis May Fire and Kellin Quinn.  I smiled and turned the shower on. I started getting undressed while I was singing along. 
"You're really going to tease me right now?"-Harry. He was in the bathroom doorway. 
"You're the one who came closer."-Me. 
"I wanted a better look."-Harry. I rolled my eyes and got into the shower closing the glass door. Harry sat on the counter with Darcy and was singing to the song.
"This song reminds me of when I have to leave."-Harry. 
"I know. I don't listen to it then or I cry. A lot."-Me. When I was done my shower, Harry handed me my zebra towel and I wrapped it around my body. I took another towel and started drying my hair. The mirrors were fogged up so I wiped them off with my hand. I took my blow dryer out and started to blow dry my hair. When it was all dry, I brushed it out and went to my closet. I chose my hot pink skinny jeans and white tank top. My black Hollister zip up sweatshirt would go on top. My purple Jordan's would be my shoes for the day. I got zebra print socks and put them on first. I made my way over to the drawers and picked out a baige bra and hot pink lace panties. Harry walked in alone while I was putting my pants on. They were on one leg, halfway. 
"You didn't have to get all dressed up for me."-Harry. I rolled my eyes at him and continued putting my pants on. 
"Is anyone here?"-Me. 
"No why?"-Harry. 
"I don't want to wear a shirt."-Me. 
"You don't have to."-Harry. I nodded and left the closet. I left my tank top, Jordan's, and sweatshirt in the closet. I went downstairs and made a sandwich. I was a nice fiancé and made one for Harry. I was about to sit down and eat it when Louis and Niall came into the house. 
"Shit!"-Me. I ran up to the room while Louis and Niall were laughing. 
"I wasn't looking at my sister man."-Louis. 
"I was talking to Niall."-Harry. 
"I wasn't looking. I noticed and I wanted to see if it was really happening."-Niall. Harry chuckled. I went into the closet and put my white tank top on with my sweatshirt. I might as well put my Jordan's on now too, so I did. I made my way down the stairs but remembered my hickeys. I went back into the closet and noticed my white infinity scarf, so I put it on. I smiled at my reflection and went back down the stairs. Zayn was here this time. I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. 
"I got you those Jordan's!"-Zayn. I nodded and smiled at him. I sat down and ate my sandwich. We were all talking but then I remembered I had to go with Hayley.
"I'm sorry to leave you guys, but I have plans with Hayley. I have to get ready."-Me. 
"Can we come?"-Louis. I nodded and they all followed me up to my room. Niall got Darcy out of her room and went to out room. They all sat on my bed while I stayed I the bathroom. I straightened my hair while talking to them. 
"Don't put makeup on."-Niall. 
"You look a lot better without it."-Harry. 
"You don't need it."-Zayn. 
"You look like me, why would you need it?"-Louis. I laughed but put foundation on anyway. I only put a light pink eye shadow on and a light stroke of eye liner on the top lash line. I did put mascara on and my eyes popped. They looked good. I turned to look at the guys and they all fake fainted, except Niall because he was still holding Darcy. 
"Do I look nice?"-Me. 
"You look beautiful."-Niall. 
"Damn sexy. Because you have my genes.."-Louis. I laughed once again. 
"Can I please take a picture of you and Harry?"-Zayn. Harry stood behind me and hugged me into his chest. He put his head on my shoulder and we smiled. I made Niall give me Darcy and we tools picture like that too. Harry was wearing his black skinny jeans with a white shirt. I gave Darcy back to Niall and said goodbye to everyone. I hugged all of them and kissed them on the cheek. I kissed Darcy on the forehead and Harry on the lips before leaving. I threw my phone in my purse before I left. I made sure to stop at Starbucks before Hayleys so maybe she will forgive me for being so late. When I got to her house, she quickly made it to my car and sat in the passenger seat. 
"Rough morning?"-Me. I handed her the coffee which she took right away. 
"I don't even know. Bentley was crabby. Liam was crabby. I didn't want to leave but I had to leave before I didn't leave."-Hayley. I handed her my phone and she plugged it in putting what she wanted on. My phone started getting a bunch of messages which was from Harry and Zayn. Zayn sent me the pictures from earlier and Harry sent me new ones he took of Darcy and himself. 
"This is a cute family picture."-Hayley. 
"Thank you. Can you save them all for me? Make me a folder for them, named Family?"-Me. 
"Okay. I just want to look at them."-Hayley. 
"There's pictures of Bentley, me and Harry on there too. I want those in the folder too."-Me. 
"How's he doing with being a big brother?"-Me. I took a big long sip of my coffee. 
"He's pretty good. He sang her a song yesterday. It was adorable."-Hayley. 
"It sounds it. Where do you want to go?"-Me. 
"The mall."-Hayley. I nodded and drove to the mall. 
"I have to get Harry some clothes too. We're going to see his family soon. I don't know when."-Me. 
"That's nice. You're meeting Gemma this time right?"-Hayley. 
"I should be."-Me. She nodded and smiled. When we were at the mall, she handed me my phone. 
"Can we go to Forever 21 first?"-Hayley. 
"Yes!"-Me. She giggled and i couldn't help but laugh too. We got so much clothes in the store that we had to bring it back to the car before we went to other stores. I got a lot from Victoria Secret and Hollister. I got the pants I like from American Eagle too. 
"We need to get you a dress."-Hayley. 
"I know. But I got that skirt and shirt already."-Me. 
"You need a dress."-Hayley. I rolled my eyes but obeyed. We were in American Eagle and one caught my eye. It was white, strapless, form fitting, and lacy on the top part. I picked it up and made my way to the dressing room with Hayley sitting on the couch they have. I took a picture and sent it to Harry. I loved the dress. It showed the right amount of cleavage and went to mid thigh. I walked out and Hayley smiled. 
"Yes!!"-Hayley. I nodded and changed into my clothes once again. I checked out and got Harry's text. 
From: Sexy Styles. ;)
Babe, you're absolutely stunning. 
I smiled at the text and we made our way to Charlotte Rousse. I saw a pair of hot pink stilettos. I quickly found my size in the shoes and walked around. There was a couple more pairs of shoes I liked so I got them as well. Hayley and I had to make two more trips to the car before we took out last one and went home. My whole backseat was full and the trunk was full as well. We don't mess around. 
"Want to go to the Coach outlets?"-Hayley. I nodded and went there. I found a really cute purple purse that I ended up getting. There was a really nice luggage bag that I almost got, but didnt. Hayley got a light blue purse and a matching luggage bag. I still wanted to go to Vera Bradley, which we went to. I got my luggage bag there, three of them but all different patterns. I also got a blanket that went with one of my luggage bags. It was really cute and really warm. Hayley got a purse and matching wallet set along with a luggage bag and blanket. When we got to my car again, I was so tired. I got six new bakinis from Hollister. Lets just say, I shopped till I dropped almost. Hayley came to my house an we sorted out the bags. I had over forty bags full of stuff with at least two bags more in each bag. Hayley was the same but with a couple more bags. She got what was hers an called Liam. He came and got her while I was showing Harry all of the clothes I got him. He smiled and kissed me. 
"We're leaving for Holmes Chapel tomorrow morning when we wake up."-Harry. 
"Then I'm packing now. How long?"-Me. 
"Three weeks."-Harry. I smiled and nodded. All of my we clothes were being brought. I also just got a bag full of new panties and bras so I threw those in the new luggage bag as well. I changed over purses and changed into my pajamas. They were a sports bra and running shorts. It was what was most comfortable. I plugged my phone in and climbed into bed. I didn't put my hair up so it would still be straight it the morning. I didn't pack my straightener yet but I packed everything else. My make up would be packed tomorrow along with the straightener. Harry got in bed after he took his clothes off. I cuddled up to him and looked up at him. He kissed me. I laid my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat. 
"Did you already pack?"-Me. 
"I did for Darcy and I while you were shopping."-Harry. 
"You're taking your new clothes though right?"-Me. 
"Yeah, I put it in the bag already."-Harry. I nodded and smiled.
"I'm really tired. I love you Prince Charming."-Me. 
"I love you more princess."-Harry. Three weeks in Holmes Chapel starting tomorrow, this would be nice. I miss them. Somehow I want to see my real parents soon..


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