Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


15. Perfect (:

Liam's POV

I woke up next to Hayley. Bentley was on my lap and Grace was in Hayleys arms. I couldn't believe that my baby girl was born. Grace woke up and I started playing with her fingers. She smiled. She is the cutest baby. She looks just like Hayley, but also a little like me. She has my eyes but everything else is Hayley. Bentley woke up and started playing with her too. She was still in Hayley's arms. I grabbed Grace gently out of her arms so Bentley could see her better. 
"Hi Grace. I'm your big brother Bentley. Ill love you forever and ever."-Bentley. I smiled. Hayley woke up. 
"Good morning babe."-Me. I gave her a kiss. 
"Morning. Let me see Grace."-Hayley. I gave Grace to her and the doctor walked in. The doctor took Grace for a check up basically. Bentley sat on the end of Hayley's bed. 
"How are you feeling mommy?"-Bentley. 
"Pretty good. Did you sleep on daddy's lap all night?"-Hayley. He nodded. 
"You could've laid in the bed with me."-Hayley. 
"I wanted you to rest."-Bentley. She smiled and kissed his forehead. The doctor came back and told us that we didn't need to feed her because they already did. They rolled in that little thing and put it next to Hayley. Grace was asleep. The boys and Hannah walked in. 
"Where's my niece?"-Hannah. 
"Right there sleeping."-Me. Hannah walked over and just watched her sleep. All the boys just talked with us. 
"How are you feeling?"-Harry. 
"Pretty good, but definitely in pain."-Me. Harry laughed. 

Hayley's POV
Grace woke up about an hour later. So I grabbed her and started feeding her. And no Im not breast feeding. I was just feeding her when something clicked. 
"Umm guys? How will we bring her home? We don't have her car seat or anything."-Me. 
"Umm.. I forgot about that one."-Liam. 
"Why don't a couple of us go home and get it and make sure her room is all set and everything is ready."-Louis. 
"Thanks Louis!"-Me. 
"I'll go too."-Zayn. Louis and Zayn left. So it was only Niall, Hannah, Harry, Liam, Bentley,Grace and I. Hannah grabbed grace from me and started playing with her. Harry was watching her. 
"Can I hold her?! It's my turn!"-Niall. I laughed. Hannah sighed. 
"Fine! But don't drop her."-Hannah. 
"Why would I do that!?! I was going to be a dad you know "-Niall. He quickly covered his mouth. 
"I did not mean to say that!!"-Niall. 
"Actually. You weren't-Harry. Shit shit shit. 
"Actually I was."-Niall. 
"Maybe a step-father but not an actual one. But who cares right? All that matters is Hannah is with me! And not you."-Harry. 
"Look at the time *fake yawn*. I'm a little tired aren't you Grace? Hannah? Would you like to join?"-Me. 
"I would love to. Hannah jumps on the little couch. 
"Bentley come join me."-Hannah. 
"Bye boys."-Me. Niall handed me Grace then him and Harry left arguing on the way out. 
"Bye Liam."-me. 
"But why?"-Liam. 
"I said we were resting."-Me. 
"But I'm not doing anything!"-Liam. 
"Yeah but you can make sure they don't kill eachother."-Me. 
"Fine."-Liam. He gave me, grace and Bentley all a kiss on the forehead and was walking out. 
"Oh and Liam!"-Me. He turned around. 
"Don't fall asleep this time."-Me. 
"THAT WAS ONE TIME!"-Liam. I laughed. He walked out. I held Grace and just stared at her. She was adorable. It still hasn't kicked in that I'm a mom to a new baby now. I have 2 kids. 
**1 hour later**
I woke up to Liam walking in with Ruth, Nicola, Karen, and Geoff right behind him. I saw that Grace wasn't in my arms anymore but Hannah had her. I laughed. 
"Hannah this is Ruth, Nicola, Karen and Geoff."-Me. She gave me Grace and said hi to them. Bentley woke up ad saw them he ran over to them and said hi. 
"Look at my baby sister! Her name is Grace."-Bentley. Ruth came over and gave me a hug. So didn't they all. Karen looked at her and tears started forming in her eyes. 
"She is absolutely beautiful."-Karen. 
"Thanks. I thought so too. Would you like to hold her?"-Me. She nodded. I have her Grace. They all passed her around. Then gave her back to me. Bentley sat on the bed. 
"Bentley do you want to hold her too?"-Me.
"Watch her head okay?"-Me. He nodded. I put her head in his hands then her body on his lap. I was watching them carefully jus so he wouldn't drop her or hurt her or anything.  He kissed her forehead. 
"Hi Grace."-Bentley. He held her for a few more minutes then she started getting fussy. So I gave her a bottle. Liam's family left and all the boys came back. Niall and Harry looked fine. Zayn and Louis said everything was all set for when we go home. I thanked them again. They all held her again and then left. Liam stayed the night again but Bentley went home. 
"Goodnight my beautiful baby girl."-Liam he kissed her forehead and put her back in her thing. Then Liam came over to me. 
"And goodnight my beautiful girl."-Liam. He gave me a kiss and we both drifted off to sleep. Today was a really good day. Everything is perfect. 

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