Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


17. Finally Back Home.

Hayley's POV 
I woke up and saw Liam sleeping next to me. The doctor walked in. 
"Good morning Hayley, you can leave whenever you are ready just check-out."-Doctor. 
"Okay thank you."-Me. He walked out and Liam woke up. 
He gave me a kiss, and then got Grace. 
"The doctor said I can leave whenever I want. But I have I wait for Hannah she has my clothes."-me. 
"Okay babe. Sounds good."-Liam. He started playing with Grace. I smiled. 
"Mommy!! Daddy!! Grace!!"-Bentley. He ran over to us and then Hannah gave me a bag. Harry walked in right after. He laughed at Bentley. 
"Hannah come to the bathroom with me please? I need help walking."-Me. She laughed and nodded. I got up and the pain was horrible. I basically waddled to the door with Hannah. Everyone was laughing. 
"Don't judge me! Did you guys just have a baby come out of your vagina? No you didnt until you do don't judge!"-Me. They all laughed. I got into the bathroom and changed into normal clothes finally! Hannah picked out leggings and a Victoria secrets sweatshirt... Of course and she brought my uggs.  I got out of the bathroom and made my way back to the bed. The nurse came in and wheeled in a wheelchair. Ugh! I hate wheelchairs. Hannah looked at me and laughed. Harry and Liam gave a confused look. 
"Hayley absolutely HATES wheelchairs ever since she was a kid."-Hannah. 
"There is really no certain reason. I just hate them. They always used to creep me out because creepy old people use them. So I just always hated them."-Me. 
"Creepy old people?"-Liam. I nodded. We all laughed. Liam had the baby seat in his hands and Grace obviously in it. 
"Bentley, do you want to sit in the wheelchair with me? You won't have to walk."-Me. 
"YES!"-Bentley. I laughed. I sat in it very creeped out by it, and then Bentley got on my lap. Harry said he would push us.. OH NO. He started running around with it. I was holding on to Bentley so we wouldn't fall off. We were all laughing except for Hannah and Liam who we couldn't see. Harry brought me to check out. I did everything I had to and then Harry started again. We got to the car and Bentley couldn't stop laughing. He got off of me and then I got up. I hit Harry on the arm and we started laughing again. Then Liam and Hannah finally joined us.
"God Harry did you go fast enough?"-Hannah. 
"No."-Me and Harry. We started laughing again. Harry and Hannah had their car but also ours Bentley got in his car seat and Liam put  Grace in the car. I got in the front. Harry and Hannah said they would come over to help Grace get settled in. We drove back to the house. When we got there all the guys were on the couch watching TV. I walked in very slow. By the time I got in Niall was already holding Grace. 
"About time you got in!"-Louis. 
"Shut it!"-Me. He laughed. 

Liam's POV
I walked in with Grace and Bentley. I have a feeling that someone is going to steal her away from me. Here comes Niall. He grabbed Grace and she smiled. I laughed. Then Harry and Hannah walk in with Hayley behind them. Louis decided to make a joke about how slow she was walking. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her behind the waist. Niall gave Grace back. We walked up to the nursery and Hayley fed Grace then put her in her bassinet. I helped Hayley walk back downstairs. We were all talking for a little but Hayley got tired. 
"Sorry guys but I'm really tired so I'm going to go up to bed and rest. Thanks for coming Han and Harry."-Hayley. They all nodded and Hannah and Harry both gave Hayley a hug. "Want me to help you up the stairs babe?"-Me. 
"Nah ill be fine, you can stay down here and hang with the guys. Bentley want to come with me?"-Hayley. He nodded. He went next to her and grabbed her hand. 
"So Li, how does it feel to have your own daughter?"-Louis. 
"Great. I love being a dad. I know Bentley is my son, but it feels nice having one that is fully mine you know?"-Me. 
"Yeah, we understand. Just don't tell Hayley that."-Niall. 
"Don't tell me what?"-Hayley. 
"Why are you down here?"-Me. 
"I forgot my phone."-Hayley. 
"Oh, here you go."-Me. I handed her the phone. 
"So what can't you tell me?"-Hayley. 
"I'll talk to you about it later okay?"-Me. 
"Whatever."-Hayley. She sighed annoyed and went upstairs. 
"I'm going to go talk to her. See you boys tomorrow. And DON'T steal Grace out of her room AT ALL!"-Me. 
"Yes daddy!"-Louis. I laughed. Then went after Hayley. I got to the room and saw Bentley asleep in her arms. I grabbed him and was about to bring him in his room. 
"Leave him."-Hayley. I nodded and put him back down. I laid down and was about to give her a kiss but she turned her head so I got her cheek. 
"Hayley, don't me mad please."-Me. 
"I'm not mad Liam, I just want to know what was so important that I cant know? I thought we were supposed to tell each other everything?"-Hayley. 
"Yeah we are, but have you told me everything?"-Me. I didn't mean to say that. Shit. 
"No, but you know everything even though I didn't tell you. But you can play that card all you want. Douchebag."-Hayley. 
"I didn't mean to say that."-Me. 
"Yeah but obviously you were thinking it."-Hayley. 
"Hayley, no I didn't mean it."-Me. 
"Save it Liam. Sorry I didn't tell you all about my past and how fucked up I was. Sorry I didn't tell you about my parents and sorry I'm so horrible not to tell you stuff that isnt important anymore. Sorry this is all my fault. Blame me Liam."-Hayley. She walked out of the room I ran after her. I grabbed her arm. 
"Hayley, I don't care that you didn't tell me. I don't care about your past. I only care about us now. Niall was stupid to even say not to tell you. Ill tell you right now. They asked me how it was to be a father to Grace. I told them that it was great and that I know I have Bentley  but I'm happy I have a child that's biologically mine and has my blood even though Bentley is just as much mine as Grace is."-Me. 
"I'm sorry Liam. I flipped out when I shouldn't have and I knew that's how you felt already. I love you so much, and I love you even more for not caring about my past. I just can't control my mood right now, my hormones are definitely bi-polar right now."-Hayley. I just laughed and pulled her in for a hug. Her hands wrapped around my torso. 
"I'm sorry too I never meant what I said. And trust me I'm used to the hormones."-Me. She laughed. She looked up at me and gave me a kiss. 
"Oh and I love you so so much too Hayley."-Me. She laughed. We went back to the bedroom and laid on our sides with Bentley in the middle of us. I saw Hayley fall right asleep. I drifted off thinking about my family and how lucky I am to have them. 

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