Be Alright

Part 3 of Hannah and Hayley's story. :)


19. Already??

Hayleys POV 
I woke up wrapped in Liam's arms after being woken up countless times last night. Grace was a lot more needy then Bentley was. 
"Good morning."-Liam. 
"Good morning handsome."-Me. He chuckled. Grace started crying again and Liam got up. I changed into my clothes and got Liam's clothes ready for when he was done with Grace. There was a knock at the door so I went to the door. I was still a little sore. I opened the door and I was engulfed in a hug from Liam's mom. 
"What are you doing here?"-Me. 
"I heard you two were helping Hannah and Harry so I'm watching Grace. Have a nice day."-Karen. 
"I'm staying here today to watch Grace. You, Liam and Bentley are going out."-Karen. I nodded and sat in the couch with her, small talking. Liam eventually came down the stairs with Grace in his arms and Bentley trailing behind him. Bentley was already dressed and everything. 
"Liam."-Karen. I took Grace from Liam. He hugged Karen. She explained why she was here. 
"Now leave. You have a busy day!"-Karen. We obeyed and left the house. I buckled Bentley in his car seat and sat in the passenger side of Liam's car. 
"Well that was nice of Karen."-Me. 
"Yeah, I think she wanted Grace to herself though."-Liam. 
"Hannah is still worse."-Me. Liam laughed but nodded. 
"Where are we going mommy?"-Bentley.
"To Auntie Hannah's and Uncle Harry's to help with Darcy's room!"-Liam. 
"I didn't get anything for them so, Bentley, will you pick stuff out for Darcy?"-Me. 
"Yes! Yes! Yes!"-Bentley. 
"Okay!"-Me. Liam and I started laughing.
"Can we stop at Starbucks??"-Me. Liam nodded. I got Hannah and I a coffee. Liam got himself and Harry a tea. I didn't know if the boys would want anything so we didn't get it. We would on the way to the store if they wanted. When we got the house, everyone was already there. I let myself in while Liam was holding a sleeping Bentley. Everyone must be in Hannah's room. I walked up the stairs and I was right. 
"Is that my coffee??"-Hannah. 
"Yes it is!"-Me. I handed it to her and she gladly accepted. 
"Come with me! I want to show you the room!"-Hannah. Everyone followed us to the room. 
"Didnt they already see?"-Me. 
"Nope. I didn't let anyone in until you saw it!!"-Hannah. 
"Aww!"-Me. She giggled and so did I. When she opened the door, it was adorable! No, it was fucking adorable! I walked in, trying to avoid the footprints the best I could. There was a heart in the middle of the room. 
"Liam, why didnt you think of this?!"-Me. 
"Hannah thought of it."-Harry. Hannah nodded proudly and looked at my face to see if I liked it. 
"It's so cute!"-Me. She squealed with excitement and pulled me into a hug. It was nice to see her so excited over something. 
"Where's all the furniture?"-Me. 
"It's getting brought here after I go to the stores and pay for them."-Harry. 
"I'm sorry you can't come with us, but I'm glad we can surprise you!"-Me. 
"Make sure Harry pays for everything!"-Hannah.
"Nope. I'm getting presents."-Me. 
"Me too!"-Louis. 
"I am as well!"-Niall. 
"I'm writing on the wall AND getting presents! No choice Hannah banana!"-Zayn. She playfully punched him in the arm. 
"I get I supervise when you guys start moving heavy objects, I can tell you where to put them!"-Hannah. I nodded and so did everyone else. 
"When you guys get back, I'll be dressed and ready to supervise. I was thinking we could go out for supper."-Hannah. 
"Hannah, you need to rest."-Harry. 
"It's just a break, it'll be okay."-Hannah. She kissed him on the lips as pulled away. She hugged everyone and disappeared in her room. We decided not to wait and just left. We all took Louis' big van type thing. It looks new. 
"Hey Lou, when did you get this?"-Me. 
"I got it custom made to fit everyone! Even the babies!"-Louis. 
"I noticed!"-Me. We got the Target and everyone ran inside. Bentley and I walked at normal pace. Harry was excited to get shopping. Him and Zayn both took a cart to the baby section. I went with Bentley with my own cart. All the boys grabbed a different cart. 
"Want to go to the clothes first? Then the toys?"-Me. Bentley nodded and followed Niall and Louis. They were on clothes duty I guess. Bentley picked some clothes out for Grace and some for Darcy too. I walked by Louis and his cart was packed! 
"Hannah's gonna fucking kill you!"-Me. 
"Whatever. She's my twin. She would do the same thing. Niall and I are splitting the bill I guess."-Louis. I nodded and went to look around. Bentley stopped at the baby section and picked out some bibs and bottles for Darcy. I decided to get diapers and wipes. I got a couple boxes if each. Bentley wanted to get a toy so I let him. When I got back to the boys, each cart was clearly overflowing and there was about two carts for each boy. My eyebrows raised in surprise! 
"What are you guys getting?!"-Me. 
"Everything. Like she said."-Harry. 
"She said we needed everything, so I got everything."-Harry. 
"Did you get the rug she wants? Or the chair? Or the lights? Or the wall stickers? All the animal print? Or the desk?"-Me. Harry and Niall ran to get everything. I shook my head and went to the storage part. I got the zebra and cheetah print holders. I even got the pink and purple ones. She was going to hate how much they got, but love it at the same time. They did the same to me when I had Grace and Hannah let it happen. Not my fault. I started looked through everything they had gotten. Legit everything. Even baby food. They didnt think of formula so I took the opportunity to grab a lot! Like 50 bottles. I put them in my cart and went back to the boys. Harry was signing some papers and handing them to some guy. 
"What was that?"-Me. 
"For the stuff I already ordered."-Harry. I nodded. 
"Are you having them take a truck with all this? Nothing is going to fit in the van."-Me. 
"Yeah, I payed for that too. Louis, Niall and Zayn wouldn't let me pay for their carts so they're going to go to the register. Can I pay for yours? There's a lot in there."-Harry. I shook my head and handed the cart to Liam 
"Go and pay. I'll be with Harry taking the stuff to one of the trucks."-Me. Liam nodded and took off. I couldn't even explain how much they bought. At all. I placed box after box and bag after bag into the big ass truck. The other things they ordered already in there. When we were done the other boys ran out with their carts. I moaned but continued to unpack the carts. When we got to Hannah's, I mentally screamed. I walked inside and started carrying bags up to the hallway of upstairs. 
"Hunny, I'm home!"-Me. Hannah giggled an walked over to me. She followed me outside and her jaw dropped. 
"How much shit did you buy?!"-Hannah. 
"You said everything!"-Harry. 
"I didn't mean the whole baby section!"-Hannah. 
"I'll explain later."-Harry. She ignored him and started to help take the lighter things out of the truck. The boys unloaded all of the furniture. 
"I can't believe you let them do this!"-Hannah. 
"I left for like ten minutes and came back to this."-Me. Hannah started giggling and walked back inside. She undid the chair and set it up in Darcy's room. Hannah sat in the chair and started to unbox everything while we were carrying stuff in. On the downstairs counter, I put the bottles, formula, and food. I made sure everything else went upstairs. The boys seemed to finish with the big stuff halfway through my small stuff. There was a lot more bags too. Harry and Louis started building and setting the room up while the other boys helped me get everything inside. Bentley was asleep in Hannah's bed since he didnt get a lot of sleep for his nap in the car earlier. I handed Hannah all the bags if clothes and the baby hangers. She was mad but whatever. There was like twenty bags of clothes and three bags of bibs. I helped her put all the clothes onto the hangers and set them on the changing table they got. It had a zebra cover on the squishy piece for the baby. I loved it. Hannah put the cheetah print rug out if the floor near the changing table. Nothing else was put on the floor to make sure they didn't cover their footprints, other then was needed. Hannah and I decided to put the clothes into Darcy's closet. It wasn't a walk in but it was enough for now. I knew when Darcy got older, they would let her change rooms into one with the walk in closet and bathroom. But this one was right next to their room.  Soon, everything was unpacked and Hannah looked quite frazzled with everything. 
"Guys, I'm hungry!"-Hannah. 
"Me too!"-Niall. We all packed into the car again. Bentley woke up just as I was about to get him. We went to eat at Nandos. We sat at the table and started talking. 
"I'll be right back."-Hannah. We all nodded and she left to go to te bathroom? When she got back to the table, she looked stunned.
"What's wrong?"-Harry. 
"The pains are back.."-Hannah. We all jumped up and ran out to the car. Liam stayed behind to explain to them. When he got to the car, we took off to the hospital. Hannah looked so scared and so did Harry. When we got to the hospital Hannah an Harry took off. They were in a room so fast. When we got to the room, Hannah had a puddle of water at her feet. 
"My water just fucking broke!"-Hannah. It was too soon for that! This can't be possible. Can it? Hannah's doctor came in. 
"Hannah has to give birth now that her water broke. I want everyone to pray that Darcy makes it out alive and her lungs are strong enough to make it. I want you to pray Hannah makes it since giving birth this early is dangerous for them both."-Dr. Rhodes. Harry was in tears and we were all holding them back. We all joined hands and prayed out own way. We all said 'amen' at the same time as well. 
"Well, I'm in labor.. And we have no car here. Nothing."-Hannah. 
"Harry, give Liam your keys so he can get what's needed."-Me. Harry nodded and handed them to Liam. He was still in tears. Hannah sat up a little straighter and grabbed Harry. She brought his forehead to hers and looked into his eyes.
"Darcy and I will be just fine."-Hannah. Harry leaned in and kissed her. We all tried to be as happy as we could be for what we were just told. Louis, Niall and Zayn all excused themselves to 'go to the bathroom' but when yet came back their eyes were red and puffy. It was no surprise that they had been crying. No one said anything though. Harry and I just cried when we needed to. There was no doubt that everyone was worried about what this birth would give. Darcy and Hannah are both in terrible danger. Hannah tried so hard to stay strong but everytime she talked, her voice cracked. Harry was pained to see her whine and scream when a contraction would hit. Soon Dr. Rhodes came in and asked everyone to leave other than Harry and Hannah. I was up against the door listening to everything. 
"We need to know who is going to be in the delivery room."-Dr. Rhodes. I was pulled away from listening when Niall pulled me off the door. 
"It's private. Hannah didnt do that to you."-Niall. I nodded. It was true. Harry walked out of the room as walked up to us. 
"Hannah and I wanted to know if Hayley and Louis want to be in the room with us?"-Harry. Louis and I both nodded and we were all allowed in the room. The doctor just smiled and walked out. After about three more hours of talking and hanging out. Hannah whimpered so loud, louder than normal.
"I need to push.."-Hannah. Zayn ran out of the room and returned with Dr. Rhodes. 
"I need everyone to leave except Hannah and Harry please."-Dr. Rhodes. Louis and I were guided into a room where we were told to dress in the blue scrubs. Harry joined us and smiled. 
"She's being taken to the room!"-Harry. 
"You're going to be a daddy!!"-Me. He nodded and we walked into the room. Hannah was laying there with the doctor checking her dilation. Here goes seeing my best friend give birth to my baby niece...


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