Summer Love

This is just a simple story about two girls who decide to sign up to be counselors at a new camp that is opening up. When they get to the camp they promise not to get close to any guys there but what happens when they get put together with a group of guys for a long project and slowly start to break there promise to each other.


4. Chapter 3

Shyann's POV

I wake up the next morning before Christy and I change into my jean shorts and grab my clipboard and leave and greeted by Paul. "Hello Shyann, is Christy up?" He asks but I shake my head. "Want me to get her up?" I ask and he nods. "I would appreciate it, thanks, we have groups and we need all of the counselors up so they can get their groups." He says and I nod and go back into our room and just stare at her bed because I could not find her head. She has a lot of blankets on and I don't see any body parts of her. "Christy, I made french fries!" I say and she falls out of bed and pops up. "Where?" She asks and I burst out laughing. "Let's go, we are getting assigned groups." I say and she sighs and goes and takes a quick shower and then we leave.

"Welcome campers, to Camp Valley, I am Paul Higgins and these are your counselors Becky, Trisha, Bailey, Christy, Shyann, Blake, and Andy." Paul announces and we each wave as our name is called. "Alright." Paul says and he starts naming off people to walk to us and I get a blonde boy, a redheaded girl, a brown haired boy with brown eyes and a brown haired girl who keeps looking at the boy with brown eyes. Christy gets all guys, lucky, she gets a boy with brown flipped hair with blue eyes, a curly haired boy with green eyes, a boy with a nice quiff and then a guy with black hair and blonde streaks. "Well, hi, i'm Shyann, what are all of your names?" I ask, looking at my clipboard so I could start checking their names off. "I'm Allie." The brown headed girl says and I mark her name off. "I'm Niall." A Irish accent says and I look up into the blond boy's blue eyes. I mark his name off. "I'm Liam." The brown headed boy says and I look at him and smile and mark his name off. "Tiny." The last girl says and I see her name is Tina Tiny and I mark her off. 

We hang out a little and then we go and get breakfast. "Bacon!" I say, smiling at Christy and she laughs at me. "There is a guy looking at you." She whispers in my ear and I glance at the guy's around me and Liam is looking at me. I smile and he blushes and looks at Niall and whispers in his ear and Niall looks at me and winks and I blush. "OOOOOOO LA LA!!!" Christy yells and the brown haired guy on her team bursts out laughing. "I AM KEEPING MY PANTS ON!" He screams and she starts laughing. "Louis, this is breakfast!" Christy shouts, putting her head on the table to muffle her laughter. I smile at how she has already made some friends but I get a little jealous since I didn't. "Zayn is being quiet." She says, poking the boy with a quiff. "Sorry, Harry is showing me something on his phone." He says and she takes Harry's phone and gasps. "Shy! He is looking at naughty things." She says and then drops the phone into her shirt. "You are not supposed to have your phone Styles." She says and he smirks. "Don't make me." He says and she hops up and runs off, Harry following her. I get up and walk outside and I turn and almost run into Niall. "Hi." I say and he smiles. "Liam wants me to tell you he thinks you are pretty." He says and I blush. "Tell him thank you." I say and then Niall pulls a pink rose from behind his back. "And this is from me." He says, smiling and then walks off and I just stare after him and then at the rose. Um.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies it's one and only Christy!! I hope you liked this chapter!! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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