More Than This

Sindy a 12 year old money maker is in big trouble as she has ran out of ideals to make fast cash for one direction tickets. Then it hits her don't go to the show just get her big sister to take her to there tour bus. Then her and her 19 year old sister gets on the bus to find stuff to sell for money for tickets. Then the bus starts to move and there forced to show then self to the band. Then Sindys sister finds her self falling in love even though she is engaged to her abusive boy friend. Can Sindy and the boys help he sister isabell befor it's to late? Find out if Louis can make her realize he can love her More Than This?


15. where is the memories

Sindy's P.O.V

There was this blonde boy in my room and I wonder why I've never saw this guy before. He looks like a young adult or maybe just getting out of high school. I look at my reflection in my food tray and for some reason I feels like I've never saw my self before then I look at the boy and he looks a lot like me he's hansom I must admit but I don't think may girls would like him. Then he say's to the doctor "Can I get up" I feel like I herd his voice before but like in a dream. Then the doctor say's yes he can start moving and he comes over to me and sits down. Then he puts his arm on my shoulder "Hey Sindy" Sindy who would give there kid a name like that, is he talking to me? "Who is Sindy" I just feel like my head hurts. "Your Sindy Prior and your my best friend" he said looking sad. "I'm sorry but I don't remember you are you my brother?" I just feel this pain in my chest. "Sindy do you even recognize the name Niall Horan?" he said a tear started to slip down his cheek. "I'm sorry is that you or is that my brother or my dad or what" I just don't remember. "Sindy your brother and dad are gone" what does he mean. "Where did they go are they coming back" he just stated to cry even harder "Sindy they died a long time ago". How can I not remember this is my mom ok do I have a mom do I have any other family. "Where my mom is she ok do I have a mom and do I have a sister or any more family please help me I don't know what the hell is going on." I just started to cry. "Sindy your mom died she was murdered two days ago I'm sorry but you do have a sister and she's ok I promise" he said trying to stop crying. I don't know what it is but I feel safe with him and then some boys and a girl came in.

Harry's P.O.V

We herd what happened to pussy cat and I'm going to help Niall all I can. I was talking to her and she just wasn't her self she was a kind person the pussy cat I know pushes people off trees and calls me a pussy and likes to sing. "So you like to sing you know that right" I said to her hopping she remembered "Are you shure" that's all she said.

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