More Than This

Sindy a 12 year old money maker is in big trouble as she has ran out of ideals to make fast cash for one direction tickets. Then it hits her don't go to the show just get her big sister to take her to there tour bus. Then her and her 19 year old sister gets on the bus to find stuff to sell for money for tickets. Then the bus starts to move and there forced to show then self to the band. Then Sindys sister finds her self falling in love even though she is engaged to her abusive boy friend. Can Sindy and the boys help he sister isabell befor it's to late? Find out if Louis can make her realize he can love her More Than This?


25. what a pretty ring

Louie's P.O.V

When Isabelle finely lays down I wake up the boys and Sindy and Carmen's going to do the dirty work like lying while we go by a ring while Isabelle is asleep. Then we pile in the car "You know what's weird" Sindy said "What Sindy" I said "I've only known you for a few weeks but I'm hoping in a car with you". I just laugh she has a point. Oh well lets get that wedding ring.

We walk into the mall and to the ring store. Oh my god this store must be worth a lot  of money looking at all the diamonds in this place. Then I walk up to the counter and I see all the rings and I don't even have to be hear long for Sindy to find the perfect one. The stone was huge and one smaller one was on each side. Then I see Sindy and Niall slip off what was going on.

Niall's P.O.V

"Where are we going Niall" Sindy asked "Shut up I'll show you" she just huffed and puffed and the we got to the perfect ring for Carmen. "Niall what's going on" I guess I beater tell her "Me and Carmen are kinda boy friend and girl friend and I'm going to ask her to marry me" I said I started to blush really bad. "Oh my god that's so sweet" she screamed. "Now you cant tell any one and I got a surprise for you to" she started to jumping and waving her arms doing a happy dance that looked like Harrys kind of dancing.

Sindy's P.O.V

I started to do my happy dance. I thought Niall and Carmen looked cute together and they always acted weird together I'm so happy for the, but mostly for my surprise. Oh my god Niall bought the prettiest ring and it wasn't traditional to. That's kinda like Niall and Carmen not normal. There stone in the middle was blue and on each side was a smaller purple one and on the side of the purple ones was green ones. It was so pretty I hope Carmen likes it, it was a perfect thing to show there love.

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