I'm Never Going to Change... A ONE DIRECTION FANFICTION

AlexNicole Smith is a normal girl. She has a job, works hard, likes to have fun, is very smart, and is known as a "Good Girl". In middle school, she goes goes to the school with the boys of One Direction (before they were a band). They were the popular group and Alex was a regular girl hopeing to get noticed. Well she did... But not in the most positive way by them. She promised herself after that experience she would never change for anyone ever again. 10 years later her crazy sister Sam drags her to a One Direction concert. Will she reunite with the boys? Will she fall in love? Will they fall in love? Will conflict and tragedy arise? Find out in "I'm Never Going To Change".


6. Wanting More

;Harry'sPOV: Zayn texted me about me and Lexi meeting him and the other boys at his flat. I was suprised he wanted Lexi to come, but we had to talk to him anyway. We were both in my dressing room and we were about to leave to go find Zayn. ''Lexi, love. Zayn texted me. He wants me and you to come over to his flat in Brooklyn to meet him and the others boys there and just hangout.'' She looked at me confused when I mentioned Zayn had texted me, but then she smiled. ''Sure Harry. Now we don't have to worry about finding Zayn.'' A tear rolled down her cheek as she sat down and looked at her feet. ''Lexi. I hate to be rude but, I know that there is another reason why you are taking this whole middle school thing so seriously. It is the past. Only three years. They weren't my best years either.'' She looked up at me. ''Harry..it's just. Alright I'm just going to say it. My dad died in 7th grade and I.. I don't know how..'' She started to cry. She buried her face in her hands. ''Wait.. How do you not know how?'' She sniffled. I sat down next to her and wrapped my arm around her. '' My m-mom.. she ne-ve-r-r told me be-cause.. she taught I-.. was a terrible person - .. because I was... changing. Sh-e wouldn't even invite me to the.. funeral!'' She started sobbing uncontrolobly. My mind was racing and my heart was pounding. '' Lex, it's okay..'' I cupped her chin with my hand. I wipe away her tears looking deep into her eyes. ''Harry..'' Niall's POV: Zayn texted me that he wanted everyone to meet him at his flat. I thought we would mention Lexi because I thought atleast one of us would've found her by now. My heart yearned for her I needed to find her. This curly headed girl walked up to me. She looked so familiar. I saw her with Lexi before! ''Hey you know Lexi right?'' She sighed. ''Yes she's my sister.'' ''Can you find her for me?'' I asked her. ''Sure'' she said glumly as she walked away. I decided to wait untill that girl came back with Lexi. I couldn't wait to see her! Alex's POV: He was about to kiss me. I know he was by the way he tilited his head as he wiped away my tears. I felt like my heart was in another direction, yearning a different feeling besides from that little liking I had for Harry. ''Harry..'' I said. He was leaning in and was about to close his eyes. I wanted to kiss him but I was doubting myself. I was about to forget about my doubts and listen to what my heart was screaming to me 'KISS HIM KISS HIM' it was screaming. I was about to close my eyes when I saw Sam walk in at the corner of my eye.I quickly sat up as she told me ''Niall is looking for you.'' ''Ok. But I'm going out. Mom will want you home. Take my keys for the car. You can come sleepover at my apartment. I will be home in 2 hours at the latest 10. Samo we need some girl time! SLEEPOVER! '' I screamed. Harry chuckled at my nickname for Sam and.. My awkward screaming. Sam laughed. ''Sure Lex. Toss me the keys I will meet you at the apartment. See ya later Yolanda!'' She left as Harry asked , '' Yolanda?'' ''YES WE HAVE NICKNAMES HAROLD!'' We laughed. ''Give me Niall's number. I will just tell him that I will see him at Zayn's Apartment.'' I told Harry grabbing his IPhone. I unlocked his phone and I scrolled through his contacts. I added Niall to my contacts and I added my number to Harrys contacts under: Lexi;). i texted myself from Harry's phone and gave it back to him. He smiled at me and said ''Come on. Let's go to Zayn's place.'' I nodded and grabbed my phone from my pocket to text Niall. TO; Niall Hey its Lexi remember me? lol :) My sister told me you were looking for me. I figured me could just talk when we all get to Zayn's! I can't to see my Ni! See you soon! ;FROM;Alex I clicked send and smiled at my text as I got up and Harry and I walked out of the arena where they had performed. I got into the passenger seat and Harry begin to drive. I turned on the radio and the most annoying song on the planet was on. Summertime Sadness. ''AH I HATE THIS SONG!'' I screamed while covering my ears. ''Oh well isn't that too bad then Ms.Lexi.'' Harry said. He turned the volume all the way up and opened all the windows. ''I'VE GOT THAT SUMMER TIME SUMMERTIME SADNESS!'' Harry was singing. Well, not singing sorta like screaming. I was having a blast. ''Oh what they hell!'' Then we both started screaming the lyrics untill we pulled into Zayn's driveway and the song ended. ''Well that was a interesting car ride!'' I said. ''Hell YEAH!'' Harry screamed as he kissed my check and intertwined our fingers. Literally a whole butterfly migration was going on inside of me. But eventually my thoughts came back to Niall as we walked up to the house. Me and Niall where actually REAL friends in middle school. I called him Ni and he called me Lex. The real question is, is if I wanted more.
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