I'm Never Going to Change... A ONE DIRECTION FANFICTION

AlexNicole Smith is a normal girl. She has a job, works hard, likes to have fun, is very smart, and is known as a "Good Girl". In middle school, she goes goes to the school with the boys of One Direction (before they were a band). They were the popular group and Alex was a regular girl hopeing to get noticed. Well she did... But not in the most positive way by them. She promised herself after that experience she would never change for anyone ever again. 10 years later her crazy sister Sam drags her to a One Direction concert. Will she reunite with the boys? Will she fall in love? Will they fall in love? Will conflict and tragedy arise? Find out in "I'm Never Going To Change".


4. First Kisses

Harry's POV: 

  I ran into my dressing room searching for her and I saw that noticeable red hair I can tell from anywhere..."Lexi...." I whispered. I saw her crying on some girls shoulder. "Can me and Lexi speak alone for a second?" I asked the girl. "Whatever" she said flatly and she stormed out. Lexi looked up at me with tears streaming down her face. I needed to know what was going on. I loved her in middle school.... Wait styles what are you saying. Your emotions can't control you now just talk to her. I was snapped out of my thoughts by Lexis' sniffles. I finally said, "what's wrong Lexi?" "Really like you don't know what's wrong after what happened in middle school?" She snapped angry. I knew what she was talking about I just didn't know what to say. She looked at me angrily. "You and your little "gang" ruined my life in middle school. Because of you I changed myself and then once I got to high school no one fucking wanted to be my friend. YOU GUYS EVEN FUCKING IGNORED ME WHEN I SAID MY DAD HAD PASSED AWAY IN 7th GRADE! MY MOM WOULDN'T EVEN TELL ME HOW HE DIED BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT I CHANGED IN A BAD WAY AND SHE DIDN'T WANT ME TO KNOW! MY REAL BEST FRIEND MELANIEDIDNT EVEN WANT TO TALK TO ME OH WAIT YOU GUYS FUCKING TOOK HER AWAY FROM ME! I FUCKING HATE YOU!" She screamed in my face. I was shocked I didn't know she was as hurt as I thought she was. "Well me and the boys are extremely sorry for.. Making.. You feel... That way.." I stuttered. She looked at me feeling sorry. "I'm sorry for yelling at you like that I don't hate you I was just angry and needed to get that off my chest. I'm sorry." She said softly. I stared at her beautiful face. We glanced at each others lips and I kissed her. She was shocked at first but she kissed back passionately. She pulled away and blushed. She then looked scared and uncomfortable. "What's wrong?'' I asked. She looked at me shyly. '' Its just that...... I..This was my first real kiss that I wasn't forced....or that I actually wanted to .. uh .. participate in..'' She muttered the last part quietly. She giggled. It was adorable but, I was confused. She had many boyfriends in middle school. She was probably one of the most liked (by boys) girls in school at the time. All the girls were jealous of her. ''What do you mean? You had plenty of boyfriends and had plenty of kisses from them to last you a lifetime.'' I laughed at the last part. '' I mean not to call you a slut or anything cause your definetly not".. your.. your beautiful'' I said the last part quietly. She giggled. Again I was thinking how adorable her laugh was untill she interrupted me. '''Well.....

Alex's POV:


   We were all at the back of the school after school that day with our boyfriends and girlfriends. i recently got together with my first boyfriend. His name was Zach. No doubt about it he was gorgeous with jet black hair and amazing goldish eyes. He was nice but Zayn had set us up. That made me feel terrible because this boy probably didn't even like me. He was just probably going out with me because Zayn told him to. Zayn told everyone what to do and everyone listened. Zayn cared so much about his reputation unlike the rest of us. We didn't really care. Zayn walked over to me and whispered, '' Kiss him. He really likes you.'' I knew Zayn was lying but i thought he would hurt me like before. I had a major crush on Niall that year. Around that time he had recently broke up with his girlfriend(they were on and off). Me and him were actually real friends and we hung out a lot after school without everyone else. He told me he never liked his girlfriend Taylor and that Zayn had just set them up. Niall then confessed that he liked me. I wanted to tell him i had the same feelings for him but, I was scared he would tell Zayn because i was still with Zach at the time. I decided to listen to Zayn and kiss Zach. I kissed Zach and everyone watched. It eventually turned into a makeout session. He was touching me in places i didn't want to be touched. I wanted so badly to pull away and slap this kid. I felt dirty. I felt like a slut. Zayn did this to me all the time. I hated it.

    **End of Flashback**

   "Wow....wait hold up what do you mean Zayn hurt you?" Harry said after i told him the flashback. Wait! HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW THIS! ''Uh....it's nothing Harry I promise... it doesn't matter anymore. I'm fine see!'' I made a really stupid face. Harry chuckled but still looked serious. It felt good to know he cared and was looking out for me. I never had any brothers so it felt nice. Harry interrupted my thoughts. ''Come with me. Let's go talk to Zayn."


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