Love song

19 year old Mackenzie walter's mom died 7 monthes ago sense the event happend she was not aloud to go to school and she was abused by her dad and her step mom will she get out or be stuck in the horror forever?


1. leaving

  Mackenzie's P.O.V

  Hi im Mackenzie i have long bleach blonde hair and blue eyes my mom died 7 monthes ago in a car crash and ever sense then my dad killed my sister and is abusing me.I can't escape because im locked in the spear room witch has no windows every two days my dad will feed me left overs.I need to do something i need to go to school i thought to myself."Get out here you dirty little brat"my dad yelled"o-ok"i said scared out of my mind.I walked to the door and there was my dad(he has to unlock my door)we walked to his room and he told me to sit on the bed so i did so.When i do what he says i dont get hurt as bad."Ok so what is your punishment of the day"my dad said my dad has a wheel that i have to spin whatever it lands on is my punishment.I spun the wheel and it landed on burn so he lit the fire place and stuck my hand in the fire"p-p-please s-s-s-stop"i begged crying my eyes out"fine"he said and took my hand out of the fire.I looked down at my burnt hand and it hurt like hell.I looked up to the sky and said"Mom if you can hear me please help me please help me be ok and get out of this hell house"i begged and walked back to my room.Ok time for a plan i said to myself so im going to get punished one more time and then i will sneak out my dads window when he isent looking......................Next day....................."Come here now brat"my dad yelled i took a deep breath and walked to my dads bedroom"spin the wheel"my dad said.I spun the wheel and it landed on cut so my dad took out a knife and stuck it in my knee"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"i cried and my dad took the knife out and i laid on the bed and cried.I almost frogot about the plan intell i saw the window ok i said to myself lets do this.I opened the window and jumped and i really hurt my knee i could hardly walk so i really had to push myself i got up and walked as fast as i could to the nearest beach i sat there looking at the stars and praying someone would find me

  Niall's P.O.V

  Zayn and me got in a little fight and i hate it when we fight so i decided to take a walk on the beach while i was walking on the beach near the beach house i saw a girl limping and then she sat down i ran up to her and asked her what was wrong and she was covered in bruises and cuts and burened "i-im fine"she said"no your not"i said"p-p-please leave"she begged "no do you have somewhere to go"i asked her"no"she mumbled"well come on your coming with me"i said"will you hurt me"she asked"no of course not"i said.While we were walking i thought of what could be wrong with her and the first thing i thought of was thayt her parents or parent abused her and she ran away it would be horribal if a pretty girl like her got abused wait did i just say a pretty girl?

  Zayn's P.O.V

  After niall and i got in a fight i felt bad because we were fighting over nothing I was snaped out of my thoughts by niall coming in with a beautifull girl but she had brusis cuts and burns all over her i wonder what happend to her"hi whats your name love"harry asked her"m-mackenzie" she said "are you ok"i asked i wish i dident ask because she ran out the door crying me and niall chased her intell we finally caught up with her"im sorry for asking love"i said"i-its ok"she said "well are you ok with telling just us what happened"niall asked.After mackenzie told the story me and niall were both in tears "come on you can stay with us and trust me no one here will hurt you i promise"i said to her"ok"she said.I showed her to the spear room and she sat down on the bed "goodnight"i said walking out"goodnight"she said

  Mackenzie's P.O.V

  Niall and Zayn were really sweet i liked them both alot but i dought either one of them like me so i guess ill just froget about that and plus i dont know if im ready for another relation ship after what my ex-boyfriend jacob did to me any way im going to bed now


  poor mackenzie she likes niall and zayn and i wonder what happend with jacob anyway ill update later on

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