You had me at hello - a Zayn Malik fan fiction (not famous)

19 years old Irene has a normal boring life in Italy, until the day she leaves for the U.K. with her best friend Alice. There, she meets Zayn, the most beautiful boy she has ever seen.
Love, friendship, jealousy and drama mess up Irene's new life, giving her the chance to find what she has been looking for.


43. "You got to help me"

Today is the day. Today, I’m starting to attend lessons at University. Yes, I’m nervous. Really nervous. Zayn spent the whole night with me, yesterday, trying to make me feel better, to distract me and to make me smile. We watched a movie and cuddled on the sofa, eating candies and kissing, before falling asleep wrapped in each other’s arms. But as soon as we had to get up this morning, and Zayn left my apartment, anxiety started eating me up.

I’m walking in the corridor of the school, looking for the class where I have to attend my first lesson of the day.

I wander like a lost child, when I bump into someone, almost making her drop the books she’s holding.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry, I was walking absent-mindedly!”

“Don’t worry!” the girls turns and smiles at me. She’s really beautiful, with blue-green eyes, long blonde straight her and charming features.

“Are you new here? ‘Cause I am and I’m struggling to find this class…” she says, pointing at the note on her sheet.

“Hey, that’s exactly the class I’m looking for!” I claim smiling at her. “We can find it together!”

“Cool, my name is Claudia!” she says.

“I’m Irene! You’re not from England, right?”

“No, I’m Danish. And you are…?”


“Cool, it’s nice to have someone else that knows what it is to be completely new in this world!” she giggles cutely as we start walking side by side.

“Yeah! Where do you live? In the campus?”

She nods. “Yes I have a room in the building right there!” she explains pointing out of the window. “What about you?”

“Oh, I live in Bradford. I share an apartment with my best friend. Well, I used to, now I’ll have to find a new roommate ‘cause she’s moving out…you know, she’s gonna live with her boyfriend!”

“Oh, I see!” she says.

“Look! This is the room! The lesson is here! Let’s take a seat.”

We sit next to each other and chat until the teacher comes in and the lesson stars. Almost all of our lessons match, so we stay together all morning, and soon we feel comfortable, joking and laughing like long-time friends.

At 12 am, we decide to head to the park next to the campus and eat our sandwiches there. While we’re walking along the street, I hear a honk and turn to see Liam’s car stopping right beside me and Claudia.

“Hi Li!” I wave at him when he lowers the window.

“Hi doll, where are you going? Need a ride?”

“Me and my friend Claudia were planning to find a blench in the park and eat our sandwiches, what about you?”

“Nothing special, just finished my lessons.”

“Wanna join us?”

He hesitates a second before shrugging. “Why not. Get in, I’ll drive you to the park.”

I glance at Claudia and lead her in Liam’s car.

“By the way, she’s Claudia, my new friend.”

Liam turns around and shakes the girl’s hand, smiling and staring at her captivating eyes. I know he has a weakness on blue eyes. Liaaaam, are you still here?

We drive to the park while Liam asks me random questions about my first morning at University, occasionally glimpsing at Claudia in the rear view mirror.

We have lunch all together and talk quietly, Liam and Claudia slowly getting to know each other a little. Then, after about two hours, we drop Claudia at her campus, and Liam drives me home, saving me from another trip on the bus.

He looks serious, and stares at the congested road in front of us, without saying a word. I look out of the window for a while, but then I hear him mutter something and turn to face him

“Liam, you said something?”

“Y-you got to help me. I need you to help me win over that girl, your Danish friend…”

“O-ok, Payno, don’t act so worried! She’s just a cute girl, your completely able to manage a crush! Don’t worry, cutie!”

He’s this big, beautiful, strong grown man, but sometimes can really turn into a insecure kid without any reason.

“It’s the first girl, after Dani, that…that catches my attention like this. And…it feels…strange.”

I rub his tight with my hand. “Don’t worry babe, we’ll work on this, ok?”

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