You had me at hello - a Zayn Malik fan fiction (not famous)

19 years old Irene has a normal boring life in Italy, until the day she leaves for the U.K. with her best friend Alice. There, she meets Zayn, the most beautiful boy she has ever seen.
Love, friendship, jealousy and drama mess up Irene's new life, giving her the chance to find what she has been looking for.


5. Alice's story

Alice yawns as she gets up from her bed, and jumps for the fear when she sees me standing by the door, looking at her. I woke up two hours ago, so I got dressed and I went out for some errands; I just got back and found her waking up.

“Lazy girl, aren’t you?!” I point my finger at her. “I’ve been waiting way too much, move your fat ass and come to the kitchen!”

“Wooh-wooooh!” She complains “don’t scream, I’ve got a headache!”

We both go to the kitchen, and I offer her a cup of hot coffee.

“C’mooooon Alice!! I’m dying! You know I’m curioooous!”

“God you’re so annoying!” she laughs, before going on “Well, we talked a lot, during the walk from the pub to the disco. He asked me if I have a boyfriend, and about general stuff… he’s sooo funny I laughed all the time!” a grin appears on her face as she recalls the memories from the night before.

“Then at the club, we drank two cocktails and he started to change. He looked at me in a different way and I..I don’t know, I really thought he was going to take my clothes off in the middle of the dance floor!”

I giggle with my eyes wide open in astonishment.

“We danced for a long time, looking into each other’s eyes. Goooosh I love his eyes! He’s so…wow!! He has this cute smile that makes you want to cuddle him, but then he becomes all serious, and his stubble, his jaw line, well, they are soooo ho-“

“Alice, I’ve seen him too, go on with the story!” I interrupt her.

“Sorry, ah, well, you know that I lose control when I drink and I dance in a club. I felt like there was just me, Louis and the music on the background! ..and then…we kissed! End of the story I guess!” She has the brightest smile on her face.

“End of the story?! Oh c’mon Alice, when are you seeing him again?!”

“God, Irene, I don’t know, I just woke up! He said he would have got in touch with me but...give him some time!”

We both laugh, and I take a bite of an apple, while Alice drinks her coffee leaned against the wall.

“Wait, and what about you and Zayn?” she suddenly realizes that I haven’t told her anything about my night.

I swallow and explain what happened.

“Shit, Irene, I’m sorry!” she hugs me to comfort me, “Don’t worry about him, you’ll find someone else!”

I weakly nod and take another bite of my apple. I guess I’ll have to find someone else.


We spend our day at home, the weather outside is grey and sad. I’m watching a lame show on the telly, while Alice is on her laptot, scrolling through her Tumblr dashboard.

I hear the sound of a text message coming from her phone.

“What did he say, what did he say, what did he say?!” I shout. Judging by the smile across her face, it must be Louis.

“How do you even know it’s him, Irene?!”

“Well, I’m here, so…who else would text you?” I joke and she throws a pillow at me.

"He wants to see me tonight!!” Alice squeaks, staring at his phone with her mouth wide open.

“Well, that’s a good thing, Alice!! Close your mouth! Why do you look so shocked?”

“It’s just… I think I could really like this boy. I mean I’ve never had a love story since Alberto, and this kind of things don’t usually happen to me… I mean, he’s good-looking, funny, clever…”

“Alice, stop thinking too much! It’s not about reasoning! It’s happening, and if you don’t seize the moment, you might regret it! He likes you, from the first moment he laid his eyes on you, that was pretty obvious. Now, go, get ready, wear a cute dress, put some make-up and be yourself, you will win him over in a second!”

Alice smiles in excitement, gets up and runs to the bathroom. I’m happy for her, but my mind immediately recalls Zayn’s beautiful face while he kisses his ugly girlfriend. Fuck.

My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a text message: it’s my phone this time. I grab it, unlock it and read the text:

Hi :) sry to bother, Zayn gave me ur number, just wanted to know if u r ok, hope last night I didn’t shock u with my speeches :P xxx Liam”

I giggle and immediately text him back.

Hi Liam! I’m fine thanks :) actually I really enjoyed our chat! How are you?”

“OH FOR FUCK SAKE YOU STUPID HAIR, WHY DO YOU LOOK SO SHITTYYYYYYY!” Alice’s shout comes from the bathroom and makes me burst out laughing. I get up and go help her.

After an hour she leaves, promising to text me about the date as soon as she can. I go back to the couch, take my laptop and put on a movie, while still texting Liam.


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