Goodbye My Lover | Harry Styles

"Turn your words into wisdom"


6. Funeral

The church bells rang and we all went up to the coffin. We saw Harrys body lying there in his favourite ramones t-shirt and his favorite skinny jeans. I began to cry. Seeing my best friend lying there all cold and pale, seeing his pink lips suddenly being blue, and his brown hair losing its volume. It is horrible. Niall started. He put the letter he wrote down in Harrys right hand and touched his hand. He got a chock when he realized how cold it was. He took a step back and the tears started streaming down his face. Liam stepped forward placing his letter in Harrys left hand. He kissed his hand and touched Harrys chest with it. "I love you" he said bawling his eyes out, stepped back and sat down on the floor. Zayn stepped forward and put his snapback on Harrys head. I always loved when Harry wore snapbacks. He took his letter and placed it underneath the snapback and adjusted it for the last time while the tears roll down his cheeks. He took a step back and started comforting Liam. I stepped forward and one of my tears dropped down on his chest. I placed my letter on his heart, and then I realized this is it. This is us. This is the end. I couldn't help it but I began to cry. Really hard. I felt a hand being placed on my shoulder, and turned around to face Harrys mum. She was crying just as hard as I, and we hugged each other crying.

We all sat down at the front row when Niall was going to hold a speech for all of the people attending the funeral.

"Harry Styles, was an incredible friend, son, boyfriend, and just a human being. His death is tragic, but I think that we can all agree on that he is good now. Harry always told me to keep on moving and to just be my self. He said I shouldn't change for the fans, I shouldn't start to work out, I didn't need to get braces. And Harry was right. Harry was always right. You could always count on Harry. No matter where he were he would always drive straight to your house if you needed him, and that's one of the things I adore the most about him. Harry didn't think of him self before everyone else. He always put his friends and family as well as strangers in front of him self, and thats an incredible talent. Harry was an amazing guy, and I will never forget him."

He said bawling his eyes out. He stepped down from the stage and the four of us gathered around the coffin and carried it out with his mum and sister following us out. As the car with his coffin drove out, we all realized that this was our last goodbye. We went into a group hug crying and drove off.


 Harry Edward Styles

* 01/02-1994 - † 15/10-2013 

Forever in our hearts

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