The Fake Girlfriend

We all know Harry styles, right? Well some people say he is a player. He moves from one girl to another instantly. He is really nothing like that but to prove that he's not. Alison has to be his girlfriend for a year. Will she be able to keep up with the craziness or will she quit before the year us over?


1. characters

Harry Styles- pop star

Niall Horan- pop star

Liam Payne pop star

Louis Tomlinson- pop star

Zayn Malik- pop star

Katherine - normal girl. BFF's with Alison

Michelle- Alison's little sister, in love with one direction

Riley- Michelle's twin sister, also loves one direction.

Anne- Harry's mom

Gemma- harry's sister.

Lionel- Alison's dad

Lola- Alison's mom.

Alison- future fake girlfriend of harry styles. 


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