Just another fanfic about Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime. The twins and their friends are sent to earth to complete tasks and receive badges using their magical items. They face new challenges, love, rivals, and meet new friends.
Coupling: SxF BxR
(It's also about the love triangle and a bit of the square too: SxFxR and SxFxRxB)
For ages 11+ (Includes some coarse language, and may contain scenes that children under the age of 11 will find disturbing)


8. Class Reps

A/N: Damn. I just finished gyu today. I'm happy that everything turned out well, but I'm sad its over. I watched so many good animes. I didn't want this one to end. *sigh* but at least I have all these fanfics I can read to remember it by. Hope you like this chapter!


~Shade's POV~

*Yawn* I stretched out my arms as a yawn escaped my mouth. The sunlight was seeping in through the curtains in the living room. I used my hand to shield my eyes.

"It's so Bright." I complained sleepily. A memory of last night flashed through my mind. I quickly covered my mouth in embarrassment. Rein kissed me... She kissed me... WAIT. How did she get in my dorm? Who cares! She kissed me! Yes! Yes! YES! I noticed no one was sleeping beside me, "Where is she?" I scratched my head in confusion, "Maybe I was dreaming... I should probably go and wake Bright up."

I got up gave some breakfast to Takara-chan and headed for his room. I knocked the door, "Yo Bright wake up man. We're gonna be late!" I yelled through the door. There was no answer, I knocked harder, "Bright you lazy bum get up!" Again there was no answer, I got fed up and opened the door myself to find him sleeping soundly on the bed with his arms around Rein. "You guys wake up, we're gonna be late!" I yelled as I walked out the door. I finally processed what I just saw, I walked back into the room and slowly turned my head, "Bright," I said through clenched teeth. He lazily sat on the side of the bed yawning, "Yeah?"

"Why is Rein sleeping with you?" I crossed my arms, trying to hold my anger in.

"Oh. Well she got scared last night and she asked me to sleep with her so I did." he shrugged like it was no big deal. But to me it WAS.

Rein sat up and rubbed her eyes, she let out a small yawn, "Good morning."

I ignored her and grabbed Bright's collar and pulled it up so he could face me. "What the hell Bright. That's cheating." I punched him.

"Ow what the- Shade?! What was that for?" he asked while rubbing his wound, Rein was beside his patting his back and glaring at me.

"What the heck are you doing Shade?! He did nothing wrong! You can't go accusing people whenever you want for whatever you want if its not true."

I pointed a accusing finger at him, "He slept beside you last night!" I yelled.

She mimicked my tone of voice, "Well that's because I asked him to! I was scared, he wanted to help so I accepted it! That has nothing to do with you!" she stood up and yelled.

"Well it has something to do with me because last night you kissed me! And now I find you with sleeping in the arms of this d**k! " I cried, when I saw her reaction and smiled satisfied with the result.

"Kissed you? You? Of all the people in this world, I kissed you?" she gestured, "If you were the last man on earth I would never kiss you in a million years! I was in this room the whole night!"

"Nope," I popped the p, "You sleepwalked and told me you liked me and then you kissed me." I grinned at the shock on Bright's face.

"Again. Let me spell it out for you: I-don't-like-you-and-I-never-kissed-you. I wouldn't want to either because your a jerk." She helped Bright up and brought him to his bathroom, not giving me a second glance.

"What's all the yelling about, you woke me up," someone yawned behind me, "What do you want." I asked coldly.

"Nothing, never mind." she stammered as her face turned red when our eyes met.


~Fine's POV~

I ran into the bathroom near the kitchen and slammed the door behind me, I heart started to race. I sat down on the floor. I laid my head in my arms, "It was just a dream. Just a weird perverted dream. I never kissed him right?" I panicked. Putting that aside why were they fighting? Why was Rein there too, I heard her voice there's no mistaking it. Oh maybe Bright took her here for the same reason as Shade and I.

I got off my butt and decided to take a shower. When I was done I changed into my uniform and dried my hair and tied it. I then walked with Shade, to class.


~Rein's POV~

"Does it sting Bright-sama?" I dabbed some cotton with some disinfectant on his bruise.

"Yeah a little, thanks for sticking up for me Rein." he thanked me and smiled.

I smiled back, "No problem," I became serious, "But seriously what is Shade's problem, you can't punch someone thats half asleep. Or spread lies that I kissed him!" I complained, putting a bandage on his bruise. To top it off I kissed it, to help it feel better.

"What was that for?" Bright laughed.

"I'm just being a good mother, this is practice for the future. Did it help?" she asked sarcastically.

"Yeah thanks," he kissed my cheek, "That's in return for it," he winked. There was an awkward silence and we both started laughing awkwardly.

"Well we might as well get ready for class," Bright suggested while getting up, "You can change here."

"Thank you," I closed the door behind him, I buried my face in my hands, "He kissed my cheek Aaaahhhh," I started fangirl-ing about it. "Life is great."


~Rein, Fine, Bright's POVs~

My magical item started to glow, and a badge popped out of it and landed on my hand. I scanned it, "Congradulations you have achieved yet another task: Do something your afraid of doing." I was caught by surprise, what did I do?


~Bright's POV~

Rein and I we're in the same homeroom, the other two were in the other homeroom. Right now we were choosing our class representatives.

Our teacher clapped his hands to get our attention, "Welcome to Elite Fine Arts School, our specialty is the fine arts, I hope all of you enjoy them. Everyone in this school has to attend Music, Art class, and Drama. I. this school they are core subjects like math and etc. We need two respected students to represent our class and do jobs and organize things. I would like all of you to raise your hands and nominate someone that has shown exemplary behaviour."

A few hands shot up, "Yes you with the green hair," he referred to Sophie, "I would like to nominate Altezza."

Altezza spun around her seat to face her, and gave her a cold glare, Sophie just smiled innocently. "All in favour of Altezza put your hand up." three people did. "Okay how bout you with the blonde hair, "I nominate Rein."

"All in favour raise your hands," everyone from fushigiboshi raised their hands, as Rein pouted in protest.

"Okay Rein come up please." She got up and stood there glaring at everyone.

"Now we need a boy." he chose Solo.

"I nominate Bright, he's a good leader, and a refined person." everyone nodded in agreement, I was surprised, but I went up anyway. He explained us the role of class representatives, and our class began.

At lunch an announcement was made, "All class representatives please report to the principal's office please." Rein grabbed my hand when we had closed our lockers and ran.

We were greeted by Fine, Shade, and some other people.

"I called you all here to inform you that there will be a party held for you on saturday night. Please dress formally."

We were then dismissed, it was pretty awkward from this morning for all of us. I decided to break the tension, "Well um... Fine can I speak to you for awhile?" I grabbed her unsuspecting hand and dragged her away, leaving the other two behind.

"What did you want to talk about?" Fine asked.

"Nothing I needed to get them alone somehow, I know Shade likes Rein and he's probably really bummed that they fought again." I explained, "Even though it wasn't true that she kissed him and that he punched me, he's still my friend and I don't want him to be sad."

Fine patted my back, "I know your hurting deep down. I know that feeling."

"Yeah.." she hugged me, "It's okay."


~Rein's POV~

"So..." I trailed off.

"So..." Shade fiddled with his tie.

"Um. Sorry about that stuff I said..." I apologized since he looked pretty bummed after I said it.

"Yeah. Sorry."


"Sorry for punching Bright."


"Sorry you don't remember the kiss we shared..." he mumbled.

"What was that?"


I stopped walking, "I don't remember the kiss because it never happened. I was in Bright's room the whole night! All we did was sleep next to each other, that's it. You don't have to get so worked up about it."

He stopped his pace, "Well of course you wouldn't remember, because you were sleep walking!"

Something inside me clicked, "There's only one person in my family that does, and it's not me." I started walking again, leaving him to figure it out himself.

When I reached the end of the hall I heard him yell, "WHAT!?"

I laughed and turned the corner, but I stopped in my tracks when I saw them. I ran in the opposite direction, I fell to my knees, "Why were they hugging?" tears started to fall from my eyes. I buried my face in my hands.

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