A girl named Addie is taken from her grandparents by a man named David. He has taken her to help her discover things about herself and the whereabouts of her parents.


5. Together

She waited at a truck stop in Denver, Colorado, scanning her surroundings. Her parents were supposed to meet her here. David was hanging back a few feet away, ready to help her in case of danger. Would they recognize her? She worried. It had been ten years, after all. She was about to give up, declare it hopeless, and return to David, when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Addie?” She turned and saw her mother.

“Mom!” She screamed and buried her face in her mother’s shoulder.

Another hand, a bigger one, clapped her on the back. “Hey, kiddo,” her dad rumbled.

Addie pulled back and inspected them. Their powers had changed them, also. Where her mom used to be curves and softness, all she was now was muscle and bone. Her dad’s shoulders were wide and his body showed no sign of his age.

She hugged her parents again and whistled for David.

David came running up and let out a whoop. “Mark! Helen!” He hugged them and laughed. “It’s been awhile, huh?”

“Yes, yes it has.” Addie’s mom smiled.

Addie’s dad cleared his throat, “I hate to spoil this moment, but we need to talk about Umberto. Helen and I are unsure of his whereabouts, though we suspect he is somewhere in the United States. We need to get a plan together and decide our next move.

Addie was about to voice her agreement, when she felt an icy chill sweep over her. She looked up at her parents and David and saw they felt it too. Something was wrong.

An evil voice cackled, “Well, well well. What do we have here?”

Mrs. Young’s jaw tightened and she muttered, “Umberto.”

A small bald man with a thick scar that stretched across his face stepped in front of them. “Miss me?” He smiled and his teeth were yellow.

Addie shot a lightning bolt into his heart and he fell on the ground, gasping.

“David,” She whispered.

David looked at her with wide eyes.

“David, you need to go now. You don’t have powers and Umberto could hurt you. Run.”

David nodded and gave her arm a quick squeeze. Then he turned and bolted.

Umberto started to rise from the ground and Addie tried to shoot another lightning bolt at him, but felt a chilling sensation wrap around her neck and force her to the ground.

Umberto stood up, laughing and watched her wriggle around in pain.

Mrs. Young and Mr. Young exchanged a worried look.

“Mark,” Mrs. Young said. “Mark, let’s do it. Let’s do it now.”

Together Mr. and Mrs. Young directed their full power onto Umberto. They shot fire bolts at him, frying him alive. His hold on Addie weakened and she stood, joining her parents.

Together the three of them, burned and burned and burned, until there was nothing left of him but a pile of charred ash.

Addie summoned a wind and blew the ash away with one hand.

The Youngs sat down on the ground, gasping in relief. David walked up and joined them.

Addie smiled at all three, “We’re together and we’re safe. We’re alive.”

The Youngs and David laughed.

Then Addie, said, “For now. I mean, doesn’t Umberto have an army he’s been building up? We’ve got to take care of that too.”

David wrapped an arm around her shoulders and said, “All in good time, kiddo. Let’s just take it easy for now. We’ll destroy the army soon.”

The four of them got milkshakes from a Burger King and settled down on a grassy hill to watch the sun set. They were happy and complete.

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