A girl named Addie is taken from her grandparents by a man named David. He has taken her to help her discover things about herself and the whereabouts of her parents.


2. Clarity

They sat at a makeshift table made of cardboard boxes. They chewed on ham and cheese sandwiches and she looked around the room. It was sparse, and there were burn marks on the wall. Her stomach tingled, whether from fear or curiosity, she did not know.

Finally, she cleared her throat. “Where are we?”

The man raised his face and looked her in the eye. “Aventura, Florida.”

The girl narrowed her eyes. Her home was in Destin. They had traveled around ten hours. “I assume you drove,” she said.

The man nodded and said nothing more.

Impatiently, the girl slammed a fist on the cardboard and the box crumpled. The man’s eyebrows lifted and a small smile appeared on his lips. She hissed, “Why are we here? And who are you?”

The man popped his knuckles and tapped his foot on the floor. “Your name is Addie Young. You are sixteen years old and orphaned. You live with your grandparents in Destin.”

The girl, Addie, growled, “You didn’t answer my questions.”

The man chewed his lip and sat tall, “We’re here to talk about you parents.”

The words punched Addie right in the gut and she laughed to keep from crying. “What about them?”

“They disappeared six years ago, correct? Right after your tenth birthday and the factory explosion.”

Addie’s throat tightened. She nodded.

The man noticed her discomfort, and without thinking, slid a hand across to comfort her.

She jerked back and looked at him with wild, crazed eyes. She was fierce, unbridled, and could not be controlled.

“Are you getting to your point?” She snapped.

The man mumbled a swear word and looked up at her. “Addie, I think you might have supernatural powers.”

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