Unexpected love

Sydney and her friends, Zoey and Melaina have been wanting to go to a One Direction concert for ages, but never got the chance to. Now they are finally getting to go. It so happens that they are staying at the same hotel as One Direction.


2. Car Ride/Hotel

It's only been one hour, so we still have two more hours until we're in Chicago. We've been having so much fun, even though we're all becoming quite restless. I played mix tapes of all of our favorite songs. Zoey and Melaina fell asleep just a little bit ago, but I'm still driving. The two wake up after a quite boring hour, and we all talk about how excited we are and how we've been waiting years to finally be able to go to a One Direction concert. After what feels like what feels like forever of endless driving, we finally arrive in Chicago. I immediately find our hotel from years and years of staying there to get away from everything. When I go to check out our room, the manager recognizes me, and greets me like an old friend, saying, "Oh hello, Sydney! You staying for a couple nights?" I giggle and respond, " Hey, yeah me and a couple friends will be." He responds, "Oh okay, well see you later!" I say goodbye, and head back to my car with our room keys. The girls both respond, " Finally!" and rush up stairs with their luggage. I grab my bags, lock my car, and dash after my best friends. I stop running when I think I see someone from out of the corner of my eye, Harry Styles. I've had the biggest crush on him ever since I found out about One Direction. I slowly turn my head and realize it is him. I'm suddenly nervous, happy, and scared at the same time. After staring at him in awe for what feels like forever, I decide on going up to him and trying to get a picture. I slowly walk up to the gorgeous, curly-haired boy and say, "Hello, I'm a huge fan, I'm going to your concert later, and I was wondering if I could please get a photo with you?" Harry immediately smiles when he sees me and responds, "Of course, I'd be glad to!" We get one of the fans, that are surrounding him, and I didn't even realized, to take a picture of us. Harry grabs me around the waist for the picture and I swear he can hear my heart beating. As soon as my phone flashes, I excitedly say, "Oh my gosh, thanks so much, I can't wait to tell my friends that I actually meet you!" He giggled and responded, " Um, I was wondering if you were staying at this hotel too and if I could maybe have your number?" As soon as he finished, I smiled the biggest smile I've ever smiled, and responded,"Yes! Oh my gosh, are you serious? You really want my number? Of course!" Harry giggled and said,"Of course, you look stunning!" I blushed and checked for a pen and something to write on in my purse, and find an old napkin and a mini pen. Shakily, I write down my number and hand it to Harry. We hug goodbye, and I head for my room. As soon as I got to my room, I get a text saying,"Hey beautiful, it's Harry. I can't wait to see you tonight." 

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