I was bored so I wrote this and I hope you like it :P


2. Flight

"NO! PLEASE!" I screamed as they tied my ankles together, along with my wrists and gagged me. From there I was bundled tightly into an old, ripped and torn suitcase before they zipped it up and threw me forcefully into the car.

Approximately thirty minutes later the car came to a stop, the suitcase I was huddled in was dragged along the floor, stopped for twenty minutes or so and then was carried off again. Throughout all of this I must've travelled up three levels of a building and now I'd come to a complete stand still. I had no idea where I was and why I was here but I knew one thing, this was going to single-handedly be the worst time of my life.




I felt myself being loaded into a vehicle as the loud blaring of music rustled the car. I had somehow become a tangled mess of limbs and my body was aching due to the horrible plane ride which I had experienced a couple hours earlier. I was in a different country, and my heart pounded in my chest from the homesickness which I was about to obtain. My body trembled as cries wracked my body, the thought of being imprisoned by strangers clinging to my mind. The car came to a sudden stop and I was jolted forward. I could hear men muttering at each other. Then, unexpectedly, a bang sounded out which caused me to have a miniature heart attack. 


 Everything was silent from then on, and I found myself waiting around for a long period of time. Almost twenty minutes.


 “Help!” I cried out desperately.


 “Help!” I repeated again and again. No reply. I was trapped and my life is turning into hell. I'm stuck inside a hot, sweaty suitcase and I feel extremely claustrophobic. Why? Why me?


Suddenly, and quite roughly, I was lifted up and carried off up a staircase but instead of landing on a rock hard surface I was placed gently on what seemed to be a bed. Was I safe? Has someone rescued me? Slowly, the suitcase was unzipped along one ... two ... three sides...

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