A New World

12 year-old Becky Rubiks is forced to move with her dad she hasn't seen in five years. All the way from Dayton, Ohio to Brazil! Her Mom passed away from a rare blood disease. And even worse, her dad's engaged and has to live with an annoying older brother and a "mom" who doesn't understand anything she's going through. Her dad works at a bird sanctuary and is busy all the time. Becky thought Janice , the "mom" just doesn't like his work with birds, but later thinks she really is only marrying him so she and Jake ( Becky's new "brother") can see all the files and smuggle these rare birds that live in his famous bird sanctuary " Brazil Bird Foundation. But her dad doesn't believe her one bit. Along the way she meets a friend who wants to help Becky find out. Can they find the proof and show Becky's dad the truth?


1. The Call

" I can't believe it, I can't believe it, I just can't believe it!" i'm so mad i'm practically screaming into the phone. " Look, I know it's hard, but you have to trust me. It is going to be alright Rebecca." said David (Becky's dad) trying not to sound nervous. "But Dad,-" Nope no time for that now Rebecca, I have a very important call coming in." David said, cutting Becky off . "More important than your daughter? By the way it's Becky , and can't they just leave a message?" Becky said offended. Oh , ummm OK,when did you start going by the name Becky? " 4 years ago, you just haven't cared enough to come visit. " What? That's what you think ?No. It's not like, oh you don't understand, we have to talk later" David said sighing. Becky was about to say something when David interrupted " Sorry, love you, bye." speaking real fast." I can't believe this is happening, I have to live with my dad." Becky said aloud. " Why can't I just keep living with you Grandma? asked Becky gloomily. " Because, your dad is a great person,even though he hasn't seen you in a while. replied Eleanor (Becky's grandma). " Then why hasn't he come out to see me?'' Becky replied in a sassy tone.  "Becky, it's complicated. I know you think he doesn't care about you but he really does. Also, I probably should have told you earlier but.... Your father is engaged and his fiancee is living with him and she has a 18 year old son." Eleanor replied. "Wh-what?! No, this can't be happening , why didn't you tell me!!!" Becky screamed. " I couldn't , I knew it would be stressful , but then I thought how it would've been worse if you didn't know and then found out in Brazil. Becky was so angry, confused, and just plain old sad. She couldn't control it anymore , too many things going on. She burst into tears right then. "Oh Becky, I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry . Ummmmm do you want to stay with me another week?" "Yes - please." Becky said in between tears. OK, I'll call your dad sweetie." Eleanor said softly. Becky thought to herself "The call, if only he just didn't call. Then this whole thing wouldn't have happened. If only he just didn't ask me to live with him. I don't understand why he couldn't stay out of my life, he's done it for the past 5 years. "Maybe he feels sorry for me , he should I guess. Maybe he does care about me" Becky said out loud. " I'm positive he does my sweet Becky ." This made Becky feel a bit better.

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