A New World

12 year-old Becky Rubiks is forced to move with her dad she hasn't seen in five years. All the way from Dayton, Ohio to Brazil! Her Mom passed away from a rare blood disease. And even worse, her dad's engaged and has to live with an annoying older brother and a "mom" who doesn't understand anything she's going through. Her dad works at a bird sanctuary and is busy all the time. Becky thought Janice , the "mom" just doesn't like his work with birds, but later thinks she really is only marrying him so she and Jake ( Becky's new "brother") can see all the files and smuggle these rare birds that live in his famous bird sanctuary " Brazil Bird Foundation. But her dad doesn't believe her one bit. Along the way she meets a friend who wants to help Becky find out. Can they find the proof and show Becky's dad the truth?


3. The Airport (The Final Goodbye)

Here I am, sitting at the airport with my grandma-wait, correction here I am crying in the girls bathroom at the airport. Becky said. I'm just so nervous, scared , missing my grandma , Lenny. Thinking about Sam and how I'll be thinking of him like this all the time. Even the spitballers I might just miss a little. But, I do know that I will be able to see my grandma and Lenny on Skype and since my grandma's coming for my birthday next month Lenny might be able to come. But it sure is a big change Ohio to Brazil?!! Crazy, I know. Suddenly Eleanor walks in the bathroom and hears Becky sobbing. She knocks on the stall and says "Becky, is that you?" Becky doesn't reply. "Come on, I know your in there." "Fine." Becky says unlocking the stall. C'mon, It's going to be okay, and you know what, your Dad is a great man. The plane even has WiFi and we can Skype while your on the plane. You even gets one of those special rooms and they serve you food. Eleanor said cheerfully." You did that all for me?" Becky said thoughtfully "Nope. Your father, he can't come to Ohio and back to Brazil in a days time, to much for his stomach to handle and the sanctuary of course needs to run properly." Eleanor said. "Of course, he probably hasn't changed since he moved out , I got to get to the sanctuary, the birds need me, the birds need me! What if I need him, I mean seriously!' Becky was now pretty agitated and decided to cool off and just sit down for a while. 


I'm walking to the plane right now, i'm shaking standing behind my grandma like a toddler. Okay sweetie, you know you can do this, you can do anything. I'll see you in a month if not sooner in person and I'll talk to you on the plane. "Okay, I said tearing up. "Oh i love you" Eleanor said. Now you would think Becky would be in full blown tears but, she is somewhat comforted by the fact she'll see her in just a minute. Becky hugged her grandma so tight. Now tears were coming down a little harder. "See you in a minute". Becky said trying to think happy thoughts. "See you in a minute darling" Eleanor said in a calming voice.

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