Just a Dream

Hartley Becker is an average teenage girl. From good grades in school to the coolest friends, it seems as if she has the perfect life. But all that changes when a new kid, Elliot Mercer, moves into town. The two hit it off immediately, instantly becoming friends. Elliot shows Hartley that there's more to life that what meets the eye.


1. Hartley

The noise instantly woke me. It was the sound of shattering glass along with the cracking of wood. I sat up in my bed perplexed about what could make that terrifying sound. I hurried to my window where I saw that the people who had bought the house across the street were moving in. It seemed as if a giant china cupboard of some sort had been destroyed. I could only imagine all of the memories and family treasures that were simultaneously demolished with the carelessness of two of the hired movers.

          I saw who appeared to be the mom rush out of the house. She started let out a small shriek before quickly covering her mouth with her hand. She hastily regained her composure. She didn't yell at the mover or anything that you suspected a normal person would do after losing an irreplaceable family heirloom. I was simply shocked about how she handled herself after such an event. Who is this lady? 


          I walked downstairs to find that most of my family was already out for the day. From my dad being at work, to my brother being at swim practice, it seemed as if I was home alone for the day.

          I started to make myself breakfast still absolutely fascinated by the character of the woman I saw next door. She was so different from anyone I’ve ever laid eyes on before. As I continued to ponder the oddity of the situation this morning, the only question I had was, what is the rest of her family like? So, I decided to go and find out…


          Two hours and a messy kitchen later, I was headed over to the new neighbor’s house with a freshly baked basket of cookies in hand. They had just purchased a house that had been on the market for about two years now. No one had been interested in buying a house in this town for a while even if it was on the lake.

          As I approached their house, I dodged a mover or two that were still cleaning up the mess from earlier. The front door was swung wide open, and there was a boy who looked about my age unpacking a box in the living room. Normally being a teenage girl, I would’ve run the opposite way after taking one look at this kid. He was tall and sturdily built with shaggy brown hair. He looked like he was off the cover of a magazine. But for some reason I knew that this family wasn’t just another ordinary family. They were different.

          I knocked on the door, and the boy stood up.

          “Hey,” he said with an accent that sounded like he grew up in the next town over.

          “Hey,” I replied, “I’m Hartley. I live across the street.”

          “Elliot,” he answered with a warm, genuine smile.

          I felt my cheeks turn red, and his mom came in at the right time to save me before I embarrassed myself.

          “What do we have here?” she said in a voice not an ounce short of the cheerfulness I imagined in my head.

          “Hi, I’m Hartley Becker. I live across the street. I made y’all some cookies to kind of welcome you into the neighborhood.”

          “Well aren’t you a sweetheart! I’m Jayden. It is so nice to meet you!”

          “It’s nice to meet you too,” I beamed, “Where did y’all move from?”

          “We’re from Murphy, North Carolina,” Mrs. Jayden said.        

          “Oh, my mom is from right around there too!”

          “What a coincidence! How old are you, honey?”

          “I’m 15.”

          “Well so is Elliot!” she said pointing to the boy I’d already met behind her.

          “Oh, really?”

          “Yeah,” he said as he took a couple steps closer inviting himself into the conversation.

          “Are you going into the tenth grade?” Mrs. Jayden asked.

          “Yes ma’am.”

          “Well how wonderful! Maybe y’all will have some classes together.”

          “Hopefully,” I smiled, “Do you have any more kids?”

          “Yes, we have three. Charlie is our youngest and he’s ten. Then Elliot, and then Briley, she’s seventeen.”

          “Oh okay!” I replied.

          “Do you have any siblings?” Elliot asked.

          “Yes, I have one. I have an older brother. Jake. He’s eighteen,” I answered. 

          “Oh okay! Well I would absolutely love it if you and your family would join us for supper tonight,” said Mrs. Jayden.

          “I would love that. I’ll be sure to ask my parents when they get home. Do you need any help?” I asked.

          “No thank you sweetheart. I think we have it covered.”

          “Okay, well I’ll hopefully see y’all tonight.”

          “See you later,” Elliot said.

          “Bye,” I replied with a smile.

          I was still very curious about this family. They seemed different, and I liked it.




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