Love story

when friends Jenna vinncombe,Avery bambrick,Katlin pike,Riley reid and Lucy cantwell move to london they meet 5 boys that will hurt them change them and love them how will these girls help eachother throug and what will happen in the relationships


2. Me!

  Hi my name is Riley Reid and im 19 years old and me and my friends are going away to collage for 4 years im so exited me and my friends all agree that we wont get in the way of eachothers love life and if two girls like a guy you let the guy choose instead of fight we want to be bffs forever i have never had a boyfriend before and neither has lucy but the rest have expeshily katlin who have had 5 boyfriends she can be a little well slutty sometimes i guess she goes clubing and gets one night stands and all that stuff but only when shes drunk the rest of us dont anyway thats all there is to say about me well by

  hi my name is avery and im 22 years old i just got out of a very hard situation and i was abused by my parents and boyfriend im most exited to go to college and be away from people who hurt me and be with my best friends and mabey start over on love<3

  hi my name is lucy and im 18 ive never had a boyfriend and honstley i dont want one intell i find a guy i love with all my heart and soul im a huge directinor and so are my friends are two we love them the only thing i hate is how they give so much hate to poor insant girls any way bye bye

  Hi yall  my name is katlin Pike and i like going clubing everyone says i can be a bit slutty but i dont think having twol one nigh stands would consider me slutty i hate school so much and im a girly tomboy i have had five boyfriends one said they hated me one abused me one was a rapist and the other two just dident work out omg i love twitter and i guess im gonna shut up now!

  Hi my name is jenna and my persnality is just like lucy mines the boyfriend thing i did have a boyfriend his name was mac i hate him now long story short hes an idot

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