Unknown Emily Riddle Year 1

Ok well i got this idea from Voldemort's Granddaughter, Author of the book please don't kill me. Anyways its different in many ways. This is Emily Riddle I think i made it seem like Voldemort had a daughter i don't really know. As you should know tricksters Fred and George, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville are her friends. She seems to be very different from her Voldemort. I hope you enjoy year 1. Thank you for reading if you do! :D


1. Prologue

One stormy day, a beautiful baby girl was born. Her name was Emily. Emily Nicole Riddle. This child's father was Tom Riddle, more feared as Lord Voldemort. Emily grew up having Nicole as her last name, for her mother Clarabellle never wanted anyone to find out her evil father.

But that stormy day was a very lucky day. Harry Potter was born as well, at the same time as Emily. Each became one year old before Lord Voldemort attacked. The Killing Curse that marked Harry that day, did not mark him alone. It marked Emily with the same scar, same place.


---Author's Note--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Do you readers like the prologue and how's it going? Its kinda one of my favorites I've writing in my journal. Anyways it will continue i hope you enjoy.

That is if you are reading it.

Please give your feedback in the comments below.



p.s. this is my sisters account she is Belen :D ok bye!

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