Unknown Emily Riddle Year 1

Ok well i got this idea from Voldemort's Granddaughter, Author of the book please don't kill me. Anyways its different in many ways. This is Emily Riddle I think i made it seem like Voldemort had a daughter i don't really know. As you should know tricksters Fred and George, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville are her friends. She seems to be very different from her Voldemort. I hope you enjoy year 1. Thank you for reading if you do! :D


4. Chapter

    Emily was very supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-like excited. Academy Express was arriving in 10 minutes so there wasn't enough time to lay around and do nothing. It was time for good-byes and I-miss-you's! But Marabelle left her here so she can do some errands. She sat at the Platform 9 3/4, like any Hogwarts student but actually the Academy Express leaves right after the Hogwarts Express. So wouldn't the Hogwarts Express be right ahead of the Beaxbatons Express while they make their journey to Beacbatons Academy of Magic? Emily still didn't understand how they could be on the same tracks yet go to different locations. She guessed it was magic.

   The 10 minutes were up and they were off! However, Emily was pretty sure her compartment mate was just annoying to everyone, not just her. At least she got a view of the Hogwarts Express.

   Emily wasn't sure why, but she felt this year was not going to be normal for someone in the distance.


    For the commenter who gave me a pretty please with unicorns on top. :D

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