What do I do now

Hi my name is Silver lets just say I am in a orphanage I don't really like talking about it. I have a friend named Cindy we both hate one direction so that is probably all we have in common. Then the worst thing ever happened one Liam from one direction was looking a girl around 12-17 and Mrs.Lopez called all girls ages from 12-17 Cindy and I watched all the girls run down stairs on dresses and heels and make-up. Cindy and I burst out laughing I had on a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Will Cindy or Silver get adopted? Will Silver ever tell her story? read and find out P.S. this is my first book so please give it a chance.


3. Uh-Oh

                                                                 Silver POV

  I got up and put on a Blue Dress with Blue heels (Silver's out fit)

I went downstairs to wait for Jackie It's 1:00 he will be here in 30 minutes. Niall's room is right next to the kitchen so I had to go through the kitchen so i took of my shoes and put on a robe and walked through the kitchen I knocked on Niall's door and said you have less than 30 minutes to get ready. Now Niall,Harry,Louis,Liam,and Zayn are in the kitchen I hear Jackie's car outside and I am near the door I take off the robe and Louis and Niall are just looking at me Louis finally says "where are you suppose to be going with that on I said out Harry said "Silver turn around please" I turned around and grabbed Niall's arm and grabbed my shoes and me and Niall get in the back seat. My phone vibrates it's from Jackie it says You look good in that outfit I texted saying you don't look to bad yourself. He smiled and said well we are here I was about to ask what movie but he said Saw 2 I said no he said yeah we watched and the got to the party *1 hour later* Niall you are drunk he said no he isn't and he tried to kiss me but I push him away he slapped me I slapped him back and he punched me in the eye I took of my heels and took of running all the way home. Louis was the only one here so I pulled him in the living room and I changed my clothes into this

   I crawled into Louis arms and he hugged me and asked what happened I told him every thing. He was beyond mad I hugged him and fell a sleep when I woke up the boys were home even Niall I pushed Louis just enough to get behind him he woke up trying to figure out why I was hiding and he saw Niall he got up and all I could say was Uh-Oh then he pounced on Niall.




AN I am sorry it is short but it is 7/11/2013 4:31 am I was up at 9:08 am 7/10/2013 I am so tired well I might update this after noon or something like that 






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