What do I do now

Hi my name is Silver lets just say I am in a orphanage I don't really like talking about it. I have a friend named Cindy we both hate one direction so that is probably all we have in common. Then the worst thing ever happened one Liam from one direction was looking a girl around 12-17 and Mrs.Lopez called all girls ages from 12-17 Cindy and I watched all the girls run down stairs on dresses and heels and make-up. Cindy and I burst out laughing I had on a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Will Cindy or Silver get adopted? Will Silver ever tell her story? read and find out P.S. this is my first book so please give it a chance.


5. Get Him NOW



  How why what why would he do that Nathan asked 

   Why would he hit you you're the nicest person I know even my boyfriend is a little mean Zac asked (Zac and Cody are a couple if you didn't  know)

  Cody leaned over and whispered in my ear I think Niall is listening to our conversation.

 I looked at them and at the door Niall came in and said I am telling Louis about everything I heard and he ran out. I looked at the guys and said get him we all took off running and Nathan and I being the fastest runners in the house went after Niall Zac and Cody went to James room. Niall was just about to touch Louis when me and Nathan jumped and landed on Niall. Naill said Louis and Louis turned around and saw me stuff a sock in his mouth and kiss Nathan really quick he said What are you doing Silver I looked up and said playing a game with Niall and my boys I put a pair of hand cuffs on Niall and Nathan picked him up and we put him in his room and shut the door and went up to my room Jackie came to my door and asked he can speak to me Nathan left the room and Jackie close the door he sat on the bed and said Silver I don't like the idea of three dudes in my girls room. I said your girl Jackie said yes my girl I said um would you have a problem with Matthew sleeping in my room Jackie said No I said ok and um I was wondering if you could invite Matthew over Nathan kinda needs a boyfriend right now. Jackie walked out of the room and Harry walked in and said ok so your friends are gay I said you got a problem Harry said um is your brother gay I said No he is not why because um go check his room I got up an saw Jackie kissing JAMES I turned around and left they didn't see me though I got my jacket and made my way to the front door and I put on my shoes and grabbed 3 carrots and touched the knob of the door Zayn asked where are you going Silver I said out then he said Silver where are you going I said store Zayn put on some shoes and walked with me and he said what is the matter tears welled up in my eyes and I said Jackie said I was his girl but I saw him and my brother kissing. We went in the store and Zayn asked um how old are you again I said 13 He shook his head I know exactly why he asked and I asked if I could see his ID he asked why I need some stuff to get over this. He asked what it was and I put him in the lane where all the wine and stuff is while I got two tubs of Ice cream we met at the cash register and bought the stuff and I said let's sit in the basement. We finished the Ice Cream and started drinking the wine Zayn asked me why I was in the orphanage I said um my parent were alcoholics and they smoke and stuff they beat me one day my dad hit me in the face with a belt and that was it the teacher called the people um my brother didn't tell his foster parents I was his sister he said that Nathan was his brother along with Zac. He told me he can careless what happens to me. Some brother right. I took another sip of wine before I lite a cigarette. Zayn said didn't you know smoking is bad for you I said yeah even though I was pretty much drunk I knew that. Zayn took the cigarette and started smoking and said if Harry and Louis find out you did all this you will be in trouble. Once we were done Zayn carried me to bed because if I got up I fall right back down that was how drunk I got. I said Zayn can you stay in here tonight he said No. I just went to sleep.        


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