Finally Found A Home

This movella is about a girl that has been in different orphanages for 6 years. She's bullied by everyone around her because of how unloved she is. But will it come to a stop when she gets a permanent home? You'll have to find out for yourself.


1. My Life

I'm Christina, I'm 14, and Ive been in and out of orphanages for  6 years, almost half of my life. You can call me Chrissy, but right now I wanna go back so you can know what its like as an orphan.


Chrissy's POV

I'm so excited I thought to myself as I got ready for today. Its my birthday and I'm turning 8 today. I finished getting ready and went downstairs for breakfast. Thats weird normally, theres delicious chocolate chip pancakes ready. I wonder where my Mum and Dad are same with my brother Tony. I searched the house and when I went into the living room i saw my Dad hanging with a rope around his neck dead, and my mom crying reading a note, she pulled out a gun and was about to shoot herself when she saw me, but she looked at me angrily as if it was my fault that Dad was dead, and shot me. I fell to the ground seeing the blood come from my shoulder. I could've pretended I was dead but I ran and hid. She eventually gave up on looking for me, I was in the drier careful not to turn it on. I could see my Mum but she couldn't see me, she put the gun to her head and you know what happened next. I crawled out of the drier with the little energy I had left and took the phone we had in the basement and dialed, 9-1-1 and I heard the operator and whispered HELP before I blacked out.

I woke up in a hospital, my arm in a cast. A nurse came in and told me that none of my relatives were willing to take me in so I had to go to an orphanage. My brother had been sent to a better orphanage for boys only.... I haven't seen him in ages now. Im now 10 years old and today I was getting adopted, they were a very nice couple Ani and Jake Smith. After a week of staying with me they had a relative die and said they couldn't take care of me for a bit. No one died they just didn't want me anymore. When I went to a new orphanage I was scolded and abused as if it were my fault that I was unloved. The kids were all bullying me for being given to an orphanage multiple times.... Im 13 now, Ive been adopted and sent to an orphanage again many times now so I don't have any friends and am still bullied because I've been adopted and sent back 13 times. Tomorrow theres supposed to be celebrities coming to the orphanage but they wont like me even if its my birthday. I woke up the next morning and went into my usual spot in the far corner hidden from the other kids. I saw the celebrities come in, One Direction. They played with the other brats and one of them noticed me but came over. "Great" I mumbled to myself. 

"Why aren't you hanging out with your friends?" 

"Cuz I dont HAVE any friends. Why would anyone like me, after all I've been adopted and sent back 13 times." I said 

"Well Im sorry sweetheart. Im Liam by the way." 

"Im Christina, don't feel sorry I deserve it because I'm obviously that bad cuz my dad hung himself over me"

"HUH? Thats horrible. Do you have any siblings here?"

"My brother Tony was sent to an all boys orphanage 6 years ago, he's probably having fun with his new family by now" I said now missing my brother again, he's now 17.

"Well I better get going, maybe I'll see you again" Liam said

"Maybe" probably not because I planned on committing suicide in a few days, no one would mind anyways. (This is a pic of me below)


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