Dark Minds

October 17th 1948, Catalina House
I can feel it, him. He’s coming. My heart beats out of control, my mind. Dazed and confused. Cold. Cold. An ominous draft enters the room. Please, whoever this is, I beg. Remember this! Stay away from ‘him.’ Or D...


1. Part 1- The Beginning

I slowly brush away my golden locks, while I gently caress them. My mind is filled with many thoughts, yet again, none can be answered, all left unreplied.

'Tommy! Get off of me!' I say, vigoursly shaking him off me, trying to repulse those sweaty, boyish hands. Ugh, why was I cursed with such an annoying brother? What sin did I commit in my past life? Just because he is older than me, that doesn't give him the right to annoy me. I mean, does it? He scowls at me, his eyes painfully staring in to mine. A laugh finds its way out of his mouth, 'you're so wasily annoyed aren't you! What? You upset that we had to leave NYC?' he chuckles. 'NEW YORK!' I roar. He knows I hate people saying that, especially in such a sarcastic tone. Mother suddenley turns around, her eys filled with rage. 'Shut up! God! You're going to wake up Danny and Mariyse! The last thing I need on my hands are my own, stupid children fighting over something so ridiculous!' My brother and I exchange a brief glance, before slouching backwards. Well done woman, first you were able to shut us up without getting all physical. But its too late.  I can hear Mariyse squealing like a pig, calling for mother whilst throwing I ‘diva’ tantrum. She angrily bangs on the back of the car chair, tears streaming down her face. ‘Be quiet!’ Felix says. Only two words makes Marieses shut up. She slumps in to the car seat, quietly weeping in to my cashmere sweater. Me and Tommy exchange looks. I can see that he is tired, fed up of our ‘unstable’ family. Yes, unstable. Its mother and ‘father.’ Vulgar, violent, exasperating. Though Felix isn’t really our father, just a snobbish, aristocratic man, not to mention a powerful figure in the US army. After the loss of my father in 1951, mother fell in to depression; hatred overcame her gentle, peaceful personality.The thought of the death of my father makes me choke on my coughing, as I try to hold in the sorrow of my father’s death. I slowly turn my head, to find Danny, peacefully lying on his side. My cold, winter hands touch his small, bony shoulders. His innocent eyes look up to me, being the only ‘pure’, loving child in the family, just looking at him makes me smile. Our car abruptly comes to a halt. Tommy sighs, ‘yay, Catalina Mansion. What an adventure it’s going to be’ he dimly says. I can hear the elements of sarcasm in his voice. Felix glares at him, rolling his eyes at us, as if superior. I will spare you the details of moving in...


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