Help me :(

This story is about a girl named Rosie she is 14 and she gets bullied a lot and she wants it to stop but they won't :(


4. Party aha

So is Saturday and I got invited to a party yay. Hey loser did u cut u

I yourself hah. Said kitty I said maybe come and look. Kitty comes over and sees all the cuts up Rosie arm and kitty says u know I didn't mean it. Cool by calling me names yeah. I say ok bye says kitty being nice. All night I was getting called the same names that I get called all the time Slut, aha fat bitch, need A life, go hang yourself, u don't belong hear etc so I just walked off to give my present to doug my crush I love him and I don't think he likes me :(. Aha doug hears ur present. Aha thxs (gives me a kiss on the cheek) um Rosie will u go out with me ❤. Ok 😘. 

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