We can become friends

Hi I'm Laura. I'm 16 years old, have blond hair, blue eyes and I live in like the smallest village you could ever imagine. My best friend lives in the next village. We've been best freinds forever. My life is boring and I'm addicted to Twitter and Tumblr. And yes I'm a Directioner.
For now, time for summerholidays in Ireland and maybe my life gets a bit more exciting.


10. New friends and a sleepover

'The boys want to meet you both by the way. I told them about you two' That was the moment that I got the biggest smile! The boys want to meet us! I mean the boys, that are Zayn, Louis, Harry and LIAM. He's always been my favourite. I'm dying from the inside. Damnit. I have to pretend it's not that big of a deal. Otherwise they will probably thing I'm a freaking idiot, which I am but I don't want them to discover yet.


'Laura...? Kim...? Are you alright?' 

'Huh what did you say?' Kim finally decided to respond. 'Oh yes we're okay' She quickly added. Hahah we now really have to try to not fangirl all the time in front of them.


'NIALLERR! Who are the girls you're talking with?' 'That are Laura and Kim, where I told you about yesterday!'


That must be Harry, it was very easy to recognize his low voice, his accent and ofcourse his slow way of talking.

And yes I was right. There is Harry, walking towards us. On his way he tells the others and they come along. Funny that they are running towards us as fast as they can. Just when they are about to reach the place we are standing, Harry trips over his own feet and they all fall down. Hahaha hilarious. The three of us can't hold our laughs. I hear Niall his adorable laugh sound through the room. Yup it's the most adorable I've ever heard. 

I bet Kim thinks the same cause she looks at Niall with her most adorable smile. They would be adorable together. 

When the others finally reach us, the only thing they do is stare. It creeps me out. After a minute or so Niall decides to speak up. 

'Ok, I know you can all talk and this is creepy. I don't want to do all the talking and I'm going to get a drink so you really have to introduce yourself to eachother' With that he walked away. Well nice friend. Very nice. I consider us as friends now cause he invited me to his party. 

Harry starts: 'Hi I'm Harry, you must be Laura.' 'Yes I am and this is Kim but I think you could already guess that. Oh and I also know that you are Zayn, Louis and Liam. Cause I'm a bit of a directioner.' I felt myself smile when I said Liam. Shit. Harry must have seen it because he looks at Liam and whispers something in his ear. Oh god that's so akward. Liam starts to smile. Yup that's really akward. I hear Louis yell: 'Harryy! No whispering in company of others!' 'I only told him a joke.' 'You have to share it now.' Oh god no Louis, I thought it couldn't be more akward but ofcourse it's possible. 'Guys I'm also going to drink something, I don't even want to know what the joke was and because

it's Harry it must be a sick joke.' I hear Zayn say with a laugh. 'You know what, I think no one wants to know' I say. With that I decide to go the same way as Niall and Zayn to get a drink. Liam joins me. 'Harry didn't make a joke about you it was about someone behind you' I hear Liam say. 'It's okay I don't mind the jokes, even if they are about me, more people make jokes about me.' 'Okay, he didn't make a joke, he just told me that he gets why Niall invited you here.' 'And why is that?' 'Cause you're kind, funny and beautiful.' When he said beautiful I swear his face turned into a light shade of red. I also felt my cheeks burn a bit. What can I reply to that? Let's go with a simple 'thank you'. I feel my cheeks burn again. Well shit! I'm not getting rid of that untill I stop talking to Liam. 'So, you said you're a directioner. What kind of?'

Liam's POV:
She's a directioner but she doesn't seem the same as those screaming fangirls who mob us all the time. I had to ask her, but why can't I just ask things the normal way. Seriously who asks a girl : 'What kind of directioner she is'. If she's one of the girls who mobbed us, she won't ever say that. 
'I am the kind who has my whole room full of posters, goes on Twitter like I've no social life and has traveled 5 hours to go to a concert. But I'm also the kind who is too lazy to go outside to search for you 'cause I know it's just annoying for you to have this screaming girls everywhere.' she says. She's the most respectful kind. Niall must be :happy his phone was found by her. I mean what if one of those crazy fangirls had found it. He would never get it back in the normal way. 
I almost forget to talk back to Laura, but she's patiently waiting for me to say something. 'I think you're the kind where we could fill the world with and it would be so peaceful.' I say. What am I saying? It's not even making sense. Total bullshit. 'So you like my kind?' 'Hahah yes I like 'your kind''. 'Well I like your kind too.' It confuses me for a moment. 'My kind?' 'Yes, your kind of celebrities.' Oh it all makes more sense now. But what kind of celebrity am I?  'And now I want to know what my kind is, do you mind explaining?' 'You're the kind who don't act as celebrities, even though you're in the world's most famous boyband. All five of you are these kind of celebrities. I like that most about you,' she explains. I know she's right. We really don't act like world famous people. That's also what I like most about us 'cause those celebrities who think they're better then people who aren't famous aren't my favourite. 

We were so busy chatting about everything happened in our lifes, that we didn't notice everyone leaving. I told her thin8gs that I thought weren't even interesting, but she listened like it were the most amazing things ever happened. I wonder if she really cared or just listened because I'm famous or something. 

We where in the middle of our conversation about our favourite movies when Niall came inbetween: 'Liam are you staying here for the night?' 'Yeah ofcourse!' 'Laura I asked Kim if she wanted to have a sleepover and it's okay with her if it is with you, so is it okay?' He looked at her with eyes as if he was going to beg for it if she was going to say no. She looked at me for a moment.


Laura's POV: 

But that's sooo awesome, a sleepover at Niall's. I look over at Liam and think for a few seconds about how cute he is. I see him looking and nodding a bit. Then Zayn comes in and yells: 'Niall lets have a sleepover party! Can Laura and Kim sleepover? I see Liam and Laura were having fun talking and you may have a slight crush on Kim!' But if that isn't enough I hear Louis and Harry yell: 'Zayn is right!!'  I look at Niall to see him turning into a light shade of red. Kim's done that very good. 'Hahah if everyone wants us to stay I guess we could stay. But we don't have clothes here... ' 'Oh that's no problem you can borrow a tshirt and shorts from me for the night.' Niall says. 'Hahah then it's okay. Will look good on us for sure.' 

'Where are we going to sleep with that many people?' Louis' says. 'HEREE!' and I feel someone jumping on the couch on top of Liam and me. 'OUCH' I yell. Then I see a head full of curls come up behind Liam, 'And thank you Harry' I hear Liam say. 'It was a pleasure to do.' 'Okay Harry you can get off now' I say. 'Nah, I'm good.' Just when I'm about to roll Harry off my lap I feel Louis, followed by Niall and Zayn, also jump on top of us. 'I think we're not getting away here anytime soon' Liam says to me. 'I had the same thoughts.... Oh wait where's Kim?' 'She went to the toilet, I think.' 'She's so going to help us on this. KIMMM' I yell. 'Yesss? What's up?' 'Could you help Liam and me for a moment?' 'With what exactly?' 'JUST COME HERE FOR A MOMENT, WILL YOU?' I yell. I look up to see three shocked faces from Louis, Niall and Zayn. I guess they're shocked how loud I yelled. 'I'm hereee! What's the problem love?' 'Well look what's on top of us and tell me what the problem is.' 'Oh but that's not a problem, I mean I wouldn't consider that as a problem'. I hear the boys laughing. 'Liam I think we're on our own, since MY VERY GOOD FRIEND won't help us. I said 'my very good friend' a little louder for Kim to hear. 'Turns out she's NOT THAT OF A GOOD FRIEND.' I tell her in a way she knew I was messing with her. 'Ooh you take that back!' And with saying that she walks away in the direction of the kitchen. 'She's sooo going to help us' I whisper to Liam. 'I don't want to ruin your thoughts but she seems quite annoyed' he whispers back. 'Hahah she knew I was joking' 'It looked pretty serious though' 'We're such good actors. Hahah' And I was right. Just when the boys think Kim isn't going to help us and start relaxing, still on top of us like they're laying in their bed, Kim comes in the room with cookies and a huge bag of candy. The boys don't even notice untill Kim puts the plate on the table just out of reach from the boys. And that's the moment we are free again. They all stand up as fast as they can and run to the table with food. 'Food solves everything' Kim says and she gives Liam and me an high-five. 'Okay that's probably the best solution anyone ever had' Liam says. 'Hahah the best thing is actually that it's all Niall his food!' I hear Kim say. 'Makes it even better' Liam and I say in unison. I High-five Liam because of our response. 

'Who's up for a movie?' I ask. Everyone looks up at me and yell which movie they want to watch. 'Hey it's not my house I don't know which movies Niall has!' Because it's the middle of the night and they think Kim and I are afraid in the dark they decide to pick a scary movie. It's called 'The Grudge'. I look at Kim to see her smiling. This movie is our favourite scary movie, we know ever move they make. We have watched it like a million times, but we decide to not tell the boys. We're going to scare them at the scariest moment. I decide to text her about it so they can't hear it. 

To: Kim


We're going to scare them in our fav scary part, are you in?


I look up to her nodding her head to me. She's in YES!


Liam's POV:

We picked the most scary movie ever. I bet Laura and Kim will be so scared at the end but I hope they can handle it. 

We take our places on the large couch, first there's Zayn in the corner, then there's me, Laura, Harry, Kim, Niall and in the other corner is Louis seated. 

I must say I've never seen this movie and I am not the kind of person who loves scary movies. I know for sure the other boys will try to scare the girls, because they always do those things. That's also the reason I'd rather watch a comedy it's funnier and no one gets scared. 

The girls want to watch the movie too though, I bet they are going to be so scared, I mean look at the cover of the filmbox, it's pretty scary. 

It's not my fault if they end up screaming haha. 

When the movie starts everyone is quite relaxed, I try to watch the movie but for some reason I get distracted by the girls. They are signing to each other or something. It's pretty weird. The other boys don't even notice even though it's so obvious.


Laura's POV:

I sit next to Liam... It makes me a bit nervous. He is so cute. I think he thought I was going to get scared cause I feel an arm on my shoulder who's lightly holding me. I'm far from scared though. I have seen this movie too much, but I couldn't let anyone notice that. Kim and I were signing  eachother with faceexpressions about how we were going to scare the boys. Argh why did Harry have to sit inbetween Kim and me? It would be so much easier to just talk. Because Kim is the master in jokes she thought of something. I see the look on her face and she looks so happy, her plan must be genius. 'Guys does anyone wants something to drink?' she asks the boys. I think I know where this is going, I know her too well. She used to do the same with me. I hear someone answer with 'You don't have to do that, they can get their own drinks. Come here, you must be scared. Cuddle with meee!' It was Niall's voice, I can recognize it by his accent. It's  cute. He's just scared hahah, poor boy maybe he's gonna cry soon. 'No, I want to get them something to drink!' She walks to the kitchen, while everyone is focusing their eyes on the screen, I look at Kim. It's a bit of a quiet moment in the movie, there is a scary music tune on the background which makes everything even scarier. I feel Liam's grip get a bit tighter. He must be scared. I'm kind of excited about Kim's plan. What will it be...


Liam's POV:

Just when there's something going to happen in the movie, there's a really loud scream in the kitchen. I thighten my grip around Laura even more. I look at her with fear. She doesn't look scared. I see the other boys get up and run to the kitchen while I hold Laura for a bit longer. Just in case she's scared. Why did Kim start to scream though? Niall was the first to yell something to Kim 'Babee? are you ok? Why did you scream? Is everything alright?' I hear the worry in his voice. He really cares about her. In just one day he cares this much. Right after all the boys except for me stormed in the kitchen, the only thing I hear is Kim laughing. She is literally dying of laughter. Now Laura starts to smile too. 

Harry comes back, sits himself down and yells at the others 'Hey I still didn't get my drink and missed half the movie.' like nothing just happened. 'Guys, I got youuuu!' I hear Kim yell. 'It's all just a joke Liam.' Laura says. I smile to let her know I understand. 

She really got us. Especially Niall. He sounded so worried. 

They all get back to the couch with their drinks and we quit watching the movie. Not because of the girls were scared this time, but it's us for once. I'm wondering why the movie didn't scare them. 'Psst Liam we've seen that movie like over a thousand times, we knew every line. But don't tell them, it's a secret hahah' Laura whispers. 

We decide to put on the music channel and talk a little. It's mostly the boys and I who are talking though. I guess the girls are a bit tired. My guessing is confirmed by Laura who lays her head on my shoulder with closed eyes. I see her driftin into sleep. I'm just happy she layed her head on my shoulder and not Harry's. Harry always gets the girls. But this time she's mine and Harry ain't getting her. 

When I look up I see Harry also sleeping on the couch with his head on Laura her shoulder. I can't help to feel a bit jealous. Next to him are Niall and Kim cuddled up also asleep and also Louis and Zayn are asleep. I'm the only one up. I feel tired. I should sleep...


Laura's POV: 

I wake up with to the tv playing Best Song Ever by One Direction. They're so cute. Harry really became a better actor since ICarly. Like serious. Then I look around to see the boys all sleeping on the couch. Oh we all fell asleep yesterday. Harry was right about the sleeping place yesterday hahah. We really slept on the couch. I try to get up but there are some legs and arms on my lap. They really took their places. I push them of me and start making breakfast. Pancakes! One of my favourite. 

When I'm almost finished I hear someone run into the kitchen and turn around to see that the plate with already baked pancakes is gone. Argh. 

As soon as I baked more of them everyone is up and eating their pancakes. 

Kim and I decide too leave, my parents didn't even know where we were actually. It's not that they aren't busy and they did notice but it's stressful if they come into my hotelroom to see no one.

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