We can become friends

Hi I'm Laura. I'm 16 years old, have blond hair, blue eyes and I live in like the smallest village you could ever imagine. My best friend lives in the next village. We've been best freinds forever. My life is boring and I'm addicted to Twitter and Tumblr. And yes I'm a Directioner.
For now, time for summerholidays in Ireland and maybe my life gets a bit more exciting.


9. Arriving at Niall's

Niall's POV:
I wake up to my phone ringing for a incoming textmessage. I secretly hope it's Laura. I know we only met but it feels like we've been friends forever. I take my phone and read the message, yeah it's Laura, her message says:

'Heyy Nialler, I'd love to but is it ok if my best friend, Kim, is coming along? xx'

I decide to text back  immediatly, maybe she's still awake.

'Yeh. Ofcourse I'd love to meet her. Even though I've only met you yesterday I'd love to know more about you and your friends. xx'

I press send before I can get a doubt about the message.
Maybe the message was a bit too much. A bit creepy maybe? Well it's too late now.

I wait a few more minutes for a respond but nothing comes. I should go back to bed.

The next morning I wake up to the smell of pancakes. Mmhh.. that definetly wakes me up! I run to the kitchen to see Harry baking pancakes and he's not even at his own house. He's the best! I see Liam and Louis already eating their pancakes. Zayn is probably still in his bed. I grab 5 pancakes of the plate and sit in front of the tv next to Li and Lou. Today is my early birthday party yeaah! It's early indeed. We have off and we're out of bed at 9:00. What's wrong with these people. I finish my pancakes and get myself dressed. Now that I'm dressed I should go on Twitter again. Haven't been there since 2 days ago. I decide to tweet nothing about the lads being here and also not about my party. Just for our own safety and fun.

The party starts at 3 PM. I didn't invite that much people. Only close friends & my family. The lads help me with setting up my house to throw a good party. Tables filled with the food and drinks we ordered. We made a huge couch out of cushions. It looked cosy. And ofcourse balloons everywhere. I'm so going to love this party.
I check my phone for the millionth time this day and finally see a message from Laura:

'Yayy! Is it at your house? I know the adress then :-$ Yeah it's because I'm a directioner hahah. What time does it start? See you there! :) xx'

Hahah directioners are really stalkers. It's kinda creepy sometimes. I decide to text back quickly:

'Yeh my house hahah, stalker much?! It starts at 3 PM. See you and Kim then! xx'

This time I get a fast reply with:
'I'm sorry for stalking that much :P It's just my hobby! See you and the lads at 3 then :) xx'

It's almost 3 PM when everything in my house is cleaned up and ready for a party. Just 5 minutes and it's time. The lads and I get ourselves something to drink and sit down on a big couch in the garden. Just when I sit for what feels like 10 seconds the doorbell rings. We start to run to the front door because we all want to see who it is. First arriving are a few of my old friends. Just after that a few familymembers arrive. The house is filled with like 20 people after 10 minutes. I turn on the music when someone starts to yell that the boys and I should perform a song.
Argh I was not hoping for that, but ok then.
We make a little 'stage' in the living room and start to sing 'Live While We're Young'. After our little performance I hear a girl scream way too loud. I search for the place where it came from. I see a golden blond haired girl, who I've never seen before, and Laura stand in the little crowd. Oh that must be Kim then. I walk towards Laura to say 'Hi' to her. I hear the scream again. I have this slight feeling that Kim is a directioner. While I walk to them I observe Kim. She's got long  golden blond hair, blue eyes and a huge smile on her face. She's a bit taller then Laura, so that's about my height. She is pretty.

Laura's POV:
By the time we arrive at Niall's house it's 3:30 PM. We're a bit late because of the traffic.
I ring the doorbell. The door was being opened by a tall, musculair man. He must be someone from security or something.
'Hello ladies, who are you two?' He asks, I respond by telling mine and Kim's name. 'Oh yeh Niall told me about you, I'm Paul by the way. I'm the securityguard of the boys', he tells us. I knew it! He looked so familiar.
We walk into the livingroom to see the boys performing 'Live While We're Young'. At the moment I'm pretty nervous, seriously who wouldn't be. We're in front of the world's biggest boyband. I hear a loud scream coming from next to me.
Geeeez Kim shut up!
I pat her back and try to calm her down. I wouldn't say it is working that well. I guess we're both nervous. When the song is finished I see Niall walking to us. He's totally checking Kim out. It's very obvious.
Ofcourse take your time my friend.
I whisper my thought in Kim's ear. She turns to me and decides to scream in my ear. Well done, thank you so much. Shouldn't have said it. Niall will think she's an idiot and so obsessed he can't have a normal talk with her.
'Hii girlss,' he starts the conversation, 'what did you think about our little performance?' 'You really don't have to ask that to us, we will always think you guys are amazing' I reply. I look at Kim and the only thing she's doing right now is smiling. I don't know if she will be able to speak today. 'Niall, this is Kim, she's been my best friend since ten years now, normally she talks all the time but I don't know what happened to her these past few minutes.'

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