We can become friends

Hi I'm Laura. I'm 16 years old, have blond hair, blue eyes and I live in like the smallest village you could ever imagine. My best friend lives in the next village. We've been best freinds forever. My life is boring and I'm addicted to Twitter and Tumblr. And yes I'm a Directioner.
For now, time for summerholidays in Ireland and maybe my life gets a bit more exciting.


7. Are we meeting again?

Laura's POV:

'So how long have you been a directioner?' AKWARDDD!

I reply with a giggle and say: 'Ooh you got me!'

We both laugh. While we're at starbucks we talk about our whole lifes and how Niall has the band with his best friends and I tell him about the concert I'd been to. I also tell him about my best friend, Kim, and even show him the textmessage she sended me. He thought it was a cute text! Yes point for Kim! She's got a huge crush on Nialler here. When Niall's phone starts to ring I already know he has to go. He's famous what else would you expect.
He gives me his phone number and asks me to meet up another time when he has more time. Well ofcourse I will do that, he's Niall Horan, who wouldn't want that.

It's weird but today is the day that I became friends with Niall Freaking Horan. It turns out to be a real gentleman and even cuter in real life than on the internet!

Niall's POV:
I can only say: 'Today was great and I'm glad that you're the one that found my phone' I tell Laura before I leave. We really clicked. She's a very nice person and I bet we can become very good friends. I like that, being best friends with a huge directioner. When she told me how she and Kim, that's her best friend who was with her, had experienced the concert I was so proud, man you wouldn't believe it.

Laura's POV:
OH MY GOD! I met THE Niall Horan, Yes the one from One Direction and we talked for like 30 minutes! I'm freaking out. I get up from the chair I sat on and walk away like nothing happened. On the inside I'm a total freak! I have to tell Kim. I dial her number and wait for a few seconds untill she gets the phone.
Before she can even say 'hello' to me, I start to scream:

'I MET NIALL HORAN, HE FREAKING LOST HIS PHONE AND IT WAS IN THE CAB I TOOK YESTERDAY' She starts with: 'I know..-' What?! How can she already know? 'Uuuhm how do you know?' 'Hahah he thanked you through Twitter and posted a photo of the two of you with the caption: 'Met Laura today, she had my phonee! Thanks babee!' Oh yeah he tweeted the photo. Oh yeah I knew that, I mean I saw him tweeting that and I got a notification just after that on my phone. 'But I also wanted to ask you, actually my mum was wondering, if you would join me here on holidays. It's because I'm all alone here, so will you come?' 'YESSSS!' I hear her screaming on the other side of the phone. 'That's awesome, when can you come?' I ask. 'When do you want me to come?' I reply to her: 'You can come whenever you're ready, my parents will pay your flight.' 'I'm ready in one hour is that okay with you?' Hahah she's so weird! 'Yess but you've to book a flight first! Oh waitt.. I can do that while you're packing, the first plane leaves in 3 hours is that okay with you?' 'Yesss! Oh I am soo excitedd! Will you help me to meet my future husband? It's hard to marry him without seeing him.' 'Hahah yes I'll help, now pack your bags and goooo!' 'See you soon sweetie' 'See you in about 5 hours.'

She is so excited!

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