The Way

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4. Chapter 4

I don’t even remember how much time we spent like that. I finally broke away remembering I had to work. “H-Harry. We can’t do this. Zayn.." I suddenly say as we were just standing there. His forehead touching mine. “Can you stop thinking at what Zayn wants, and start thinking at what Alice wants?" He states, shaking his head. “I- I have to work" I reply, getting inside. "Another wonderful shoot. You can go home love" Jay says and I sigh in relief. I change my clothes, and walk out. I get in my car, driving to my favorite place : Starbucks. I lean on the counter, as the girl asks for my name. I answer, and she writes it, handing me my order. Some girls approached me, as I was drinking my Chocolate Smoothie. “Oh my god, you’re Alice Jonas!" One of them screamed. “Yes. I guess it is me" I giggle. “Can we have a picture?" They ask and I nod. We take the picture before one of them asks a sudden question. “Are you dating Harry Styles?" “No.. Nothing is going on between us" I answer. I wasn’t lying, nothing was happening between us. “Ohh.. You would have made such a good couple" She pouts. “Really?" I laugh. They say goodbye and leave. I continue drinking, then I take it and walk out. “Alice, how are you?" A surprisngly friendly paparazzi asks me. “I am okay, you?" I answer, taking a sip from my drink.  "I am good. How’s work?" “Amazing. What about you?" “Smile and it’ll become better" I giggle, and smile as he told me. “Thank you!" He thanks, and I smile meaning “you’re welcome". I walk back home, and lie down on my bed, thinking about today’s events. I call Cara, and she says that she’s throwing some kind of party for her birthday, and Harry & I are invited. Of course, now I needed to call him. “Hello?" He answers, clearly not checking the ID. “Hi Harry, uh Cara invited us to her party tomorrow night" I get right to the point. “She just called me, thanks. Where are you?" He asks. “Home, I just got there. What about you?" “Open your balcony" “What!" I yell, getting off of my bed. I open the balcony door and I saw Harry leaning on the door frame, holding his phone. “What are you doing here? You’re lucky Luke is in college now" “I came to see you" He smiles, and for a moment I smile to myself. “You can’t keep doing this" I sigh, dragging him in. “I will keep on doing this until you admit you don’t like me as much as I like you" “I - I can’t" I shake my head. “See" “Harry, you have to leave.." “I’ll be back" He says, leaving the same way he came in. I wanted to tell him I liked him, but I can’t risk being hurt nor I want Zayn to hate me. So, in order to make my decision, I went to the only person who always knows what to say. My mother.

"Mum, can we talk?" I ask, when she was getting lunch done. “God, are you pregnant?" “What?! God no" I yell, but then end up laughing. We sit down, and she waits so I can start talking. “I like this boy, and he likes me too. But" “But what, sweetheart?" “Zayn asked me to stay away from him" “Is he like a close friend to him or?" She questions. “It’s Harry" “Oh, the curly haired one. I think he’s sweet" “But Zayn said the way he treats ladies isn’t very good.. And the internet says that too" I sigh. “I love Zayn, he’s my sister’s kid and I trust him. But, you shouldn’t always believe what you read or hear. Have you asked Harry about it?" “Yes, and he looked hurt. Because no one believes him" “Then you have it. Every person has his side of the story. And talk to Harry first" She smiles. “What should I do?" “You wouldn’t know the nature of your true feelings, unless you try. Give the lad a chance" “What if I end up getting hurt?" “Then Luke & Zayn have it covered" She jokes. “Mum I am serious" “If you do get hurt, then it’ll be a lesson for you. Don’t trust attractive green eyed and curly haired boys" “Who happen to be popstars? Yeah" I laugh. “Yes" “Thank you mum" I smile. “Anytime" She answers, giving me a hug.

I know what I had to do now. Talk to Harry, then figure out what to do with our relationship. The rest of the day went slow. I spent some time with Luke, and his friends. It was time to sleep, but I text Harry first.

"Hey, I realized something. So we need to talk tomorrow yeah? Come pick me up at 7, so we can go to Cara’s :) -Ali x"

I change my clothes, and go on my laptop for a while. I find an intressting article about Luke’s friend, Michael and I. 

"A possible new love interst for the young model, Alice Jonas. Could this mysterious lad be her next boyfriend?"

Next to the writing, was a picture of Michael and I. The funniest part is that he was gay, and we weren’t even dating. I now know that the media writes shit about people, and they’re not always true. My phone rings, signaling me for a text. I close my laptop, and lie down grabbing the phone.


"Hii, sorry for the late response I was talking to Gemma. Alright, I’ll be there at  6:59 ;) Goodnight Alice -Harry xx"

I wake the next morning at 5 am. I still had to finish another photoshoot. I get dressed after I take my daily shower, and I leave. I grab breakfast, and go to meet Jayden. “I have news for you!!" Jay screams. “I just woke up, shut up" I mumble. My ears were bleeding because he yelled too loud. “Well, next week you’re going to America, and you’re having a photshoot with your cousin, Zayn and his bandmates for a magazine cover" He says, and I immediately smile. “When am I leaving exactly?" I ask. “Next Monday, and you’ll stay three days" He answers. “I haven’t been in America for a while" I say and he nods. We get to work and finish when it was 4 pm. I walk to Zayn’s because somehow Luke took my car. “What’s up cuz!" I cheer, once the door was open. “Come in" He smiles, while we share a quick hug. “Where’s my little blondie?" I ask, looking for Perrie. “With Little Mix" He replies. “She’s working, cool" “Yes" He nods. I stay at his flat until it was 6, then I go back home. I finish getting ready, and wait for Harry. “Ali, someone’s looking for you" She calls, and I can tell she was smirking. I grab my phone and walk downstairs. “You look beautiful" Harry compliments, making me blush. Something I hated to do, but everytime I’m with him these days it just happenes. “Thank you" I smile. “Be good to my daughter, yeah?" “I will keep an eye on her Miss Jonas" “Call me Liz" My mother smiles. “C’mon" He says and I say goodbye to my mum, then I leave. 

He opens the door for me, and I get in. He gets in as well, and he starts the car. “So, I thought about" I start, clearing my throat. “And-" He wasn’t even able to finish, when a truck hit our car, dragging it off the road.

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