The Way

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3. Chapter 3

"Evan, what the hell are you doing here? And move your hand, you’re hurting me" I ask, wincing as his grip tightens around my forearm. “Now you’re begging huh? I wasn’t in Jail, I just wanted to know if you’re still in love with me" He smirks, sure of himself that I would still love a cheater. “I was never in love with you, and please just let go of my forearm" I beg, I was sure a bruise is forming as we speak. I was desperately looking for Zayn, or any other lad to come, but with my luck, they were all dancing. I couldn’t even scream, because they won’t hear me. “Now, get your cute little ass up, we’re leaving" He states, literally dragging me from the chair. “I am not going anywhere with you" I reply, disgusted. Well, we all know what he wanted. He thought I was just a One Night stand, after our break-up, but he was wrong. I won’t sleep with him, even he made me. Before I even analyzed how Harry came, he was hovering over him, his fists never leaving Evan’s face. I don’t even know how I managed to get Harry off of my ex boyfriend, but I did. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you or something?" He softly asks, out of breath. “I am fine, can we just get out of here? Please don’t tell Zayn" I answer. I was surprised Zayn hasn’t noticed the fuss, the two boys made. “Alright, come on" Harry replies, grabbing my hand, leaving the security taking care of Evan. I grab my phone, and text Perrie.

"Hey, I don’t feel so well so Harry is driving me home. Tell Zayn not to worry about me -Alice xx" 
"Thank you for earlier" I remember, putting my phone down before looking at Harry as he opens the door for me. “It is really nothing, I am glad I got there in time" He replies, coming inside the car, sitting on the driver’s seat, starting the engine. “I don’t even recall why I dated him" I randomly let out, along with a sigh. “You said it yourself, you were foolish" He jokes, while I make a face at him. “I don’t think we started on the right foot. I’m Harry" He adds, which got me surprised. “I’m Alice" I smile, playing along with him. He drives me home, and opens the door for me, again. “Thanks for driving me home, Harry" I say, with a smile as we walk to my front door. “No problem. I have to run now, or Zayn will kill me" He chuckles, and I just laugh. “Alright, good night" I reply, kissing his cheek before getting inside. I watch him as he drives away, before I close the door. It then hit me, the reason I always hated Harry, and answered his comments sarcastically and never got mad at some of his words, was because I liked him. Holy shit, I like Harry Styles. I sigh, going to my room, changing my clothes before falling asleep.

I wake up at 11 am, groaning. I felt a headache and I just had to get up. Of course, I take my morning shower, and get out. No one was home which was strange. I instead find a note on the kitchen counter. “Your grandmother is kind of sick, so we drove to see her. You looked peacefully sleeping, so I let you be. We will be back tomorrow, hun. Love mum" I felt bad for my grandmother, but she was a strong woman, she’ll get through this. I eat my breakfast, before checking my phone. Weird, I found 3 Texts.

"Missing your crazy ass. Where you at? -Cara x"

"How are you feeling now, cuz? Perrie told us you were feeling a bit off? -Zayn :) x" 

"Got your number from Louis. Hope it is okay? how are you? -Harry xx" 

I somehow answer at Harry’s text first, Cara’s and then Zayn’s. For some reason, I wanted to see Harry. I mean, I know I realized I liked him yesterday, but his smile was something I wanted to see. I hear the doorbell, and I go and open it. “Heelloooo" Niall cheers. Behind him was, Zayn, Louis, Harry & Liam. “Heard you were feeling a bit sick? Sooo we came to cheer you up" Liam explains, and I let them in. They sit in the living room, while I take the food Niall brought to the kitchen and Zayn follows me. “Why did Harry drive you home last night?" He asks, being dead serious. “Because I didn’t want to bother you, and he was sitting with me" I answer, shrugging like it was no big deal. And it wasn’t really. “Ali, I don’t want you to get too attached to him, yeah? He’s my best friend and I love him but him & the ladies? Not so much of a collaboration" He states, which got me confused. “Zaynie, relax. Him & I, are just friends" I reply, putting my hand on his shoulder. “Alright, and you better keep it that way. I don’t want to be rude and all, but please stay away from him?" “Nothing is going to happen between us, okay?" I reassure, giving him a smile. “Okay" He responds, with the same smile. We get back to the living room, just talking.

Zayn’s Pov: 

I wanted to talk to Harry, about giving Alice a ride. I love Harry, but I didn’t like how he used to treat women. I know he isn’t really much of a player, but he was still a guy just looking for one night stands, and the last thing I want was him using my cousin, as one. My sisters know Harry is off limit, and it was time for Alice to know that as well. 

We all leave Alice’s flat, and I ask Harry to come with me to a coffee shop, to talk to him. “Listen, I want you to know Alice is not the girl you’d spend just a night with okay?!" I start, while we were sitting in the coffee shop, waiting for our orders. “Relax, mate. Nothing happened, or will happen between us" He answers, giving me a reassuring look. “I am being dead serious, if I happen to hear you hurt her or any of that, I’m going to beat the fuck out of you. That’s if her brother hasn’t already done it" I warn. “Zayn, I’m not dating her. I don’t like her that way, trust me" He replies, again with the reassuring look. I nod, and we change the subject.

Harry’s Pov: 

"Zayn, I’m not dating her. I don’t like her that way, trust me" I lie. See, here’s my problem. Before tonight, I just thought Alice was yet another cousin of Zayn’s, but I was wrong. I knew deep down, ignoring all the sarcastic comments Her & I shared, I liked her. She always knew how to light up the atmosphere, and don’t even get me started on her smile. She was literally the definition of beauty. The one thing I really liked about her, was that she wasn’t like any other model. She was special. But, if I ever, had the chance to tell her how I feel, I would ruin my friendship with Zayn. And that definitelly wasn’t something I wanted. Therefore, I will try to get my feelings to drift away. I mean, I am Harry Styles, it isn’t that hard.. Is it? 
Alice P.O.V 
I can’t like Harry. Not after I promised Zayn I feel nothing towards him. But, even though he sometimes can be mean, and rude, I liked Harry. As much as it surprised me, how one night changed everything, I cannot deny it. We were again, hanging out tonight. The lads, along with Perrie & Eleanor, and now Cara at the club. A different one, I just lied and said I hated the previous one. I was getting ready to go out, when I chucked on : I get a text from Harry, saying he needs to talk to me about something. Boy, this better be good. I close the door, and run out. Okay, I didn’t want to admit it, but I felt excited seeing Harry again. Yes, I saw him this morning but whatever. We drive off to a park actually. “What are we doing here?" I ask, curiously. “I think you owe me a dance?" He smiles widely, helping me out of the car. “I think I do" I smile, taking his hand. “But there’s no music-" I start, but soon shut up when he plays Ed Sheeran’s Kiss Me. He takes both my hands, while I rest my head on his chest. “We can’t do this, ya know?" I whisper, adding a sigh. “Yeah, I know. Zayn right?" “It’s not just that. Have you googled yourself?" I ask, looking at him, still dancing. “I have, and it sucks how everyone believes the media over me. I’m not even half of what they write about me" He answers, and I can see the hurt in his eyes. He then leaned in, ready to kiss me, when his phone rang, breaking us apart. “I’m going to drop you a bit far from the club, they can’t see us together" “You mean Zayn can’t see us" I correct and he nods. He drives us to the club and as we agreed, and I walk to them. “Hey" I greet everyone. I feel a tapping on my shoulder and I turn around to see my best friend Cara. “How are youuu?" I ask, giving her a strong hug. “Chilling. I miss you" “Me tooo" I answer. We get talking and just catching up. I haven’t seen her in months. “Any lovers?" She smirks, drinking her cocktail. “Hmm.. " I start, turning my sight to Harry. He was looking at me, and I just blushed looking at Cara again. “Haz?" She whispers-yells. “Uhm.. Kind of. It happened over night. I just realized I liked him, and he admitted his feelings for me like 10 minutes ago" I answer, and she looks at me excited. “Why are you looking down? It is a good thing!" “I promised Zayn nothing will happen between us.."  "Ouuh, sorry" She apologizes, giving me a pleading look. “Yeah" I shrug. 

"Thank you Ali, you have a 5 minute break. Before we start again" Jayden, my manager says. I was at a photoshoot, for a new Chanel perfume. I smile, and go outside to clear my mind. Two weeks passed since Harry & I realized our feelings for eachother. And I thought, that by now I will be over him. But, who am I kidding? I can’t get him out of my mind. “Alice" That raspy voice whispered in my ear. “Harry?" I say, turning around. “Hii" He smiles. Our eyes met, and we were just staring at echother. “Wh-What are you doing here?" I ask, breaking the silence. “Since that night, I really can’t stop thinking about you. I know our feelings towards one another are recent, but I can’t stay away from you anymore" He whispers. This time, he leaned in, giving me a long, sweet yet passionante kiss. The funniest part? I kissed him back.

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