(2) Risky Situations - Completed


Justin has been suffering in jail for 2 and a half years. Jessica has been staying the the bieber-mallette household for the past 2 years, feeling depressed without Justin.
Justin thinks Jessica doesn't love him. after all that has happened.
when he is released will things go back to normal?


Copyright © 2013 by Love_kidrauhl
All rights reserved.


21. J-Justin?

Jessica’s POV


My eyes turned the size of saucers. He what? He burnt Ryan…

‘b-but why?’ I asked, clutching onto his hands tighter without noticing.

 ‘I-I didn’t know what to do with the b-body… so I had to get rid of him…’ he said, a tear pouring down his face as he looked down.

‘Don’t cry baby…’ I whispered, clutching his chin with my fingers. I pulled his face up to look me in the eyes, which he did.

‘Look… that is disgusting…’ I started, gulping, ‘but… I guess it needed to be done.’

Justin nodded and wiped his nose with the back of his hand. I ran a hand through my hair and sighed. I started to feel slightly nauseous again, so I quickly got off Justin’s lap.

‘Baby, where are you going?!’ he asked, startled.

I didn’t answer; I just made my way to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. Soon I felt reassuring hand on my back, and my hair being pulled back.

When I finished, I slowly straightened up, turning around to look at Justin, who had a worried expression. He’s been awfully quiet since he told me about Ryan and he seems to always have this worried/innocent look on his face, which I think, it’s quite cute.

I walked past Justin and towards the sink. I quickly brushed my teeth, and then turned back to Justin, who was still standing there, dumbfounded.

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, before waking back to the bed. I reached over to the bedside table and picked up my phone. I turned it on, and looked for the time.


I sigh again and lay back in the bed, not bothering to change out of my sweats. I lay down on the mattress, pulling the thick covers over my body, burying my head in my pillow. I kept turning, feeling unsafe without Justin’s arms around me.

I sat up, looking over to the bathroom, where I last saw Justin. Somehow, he wasn’t in the bathroom, meaning he isn’t in this room.

I tore the covers away from my body and swung my legs over the edge of the bed, before I walked to the bedroom door, and went downstairs.

I saw a figure in the kitchen, and sighed, knowing it was Justin. I was really tired; I just wanted to go to sleep with his arms wrapped around me. I sighed and walked towards him, obviously still unnoticed, as he still had his back to me.

‘Justin.’ I mumbled, so tired I didn’t want to utter a sound.

He turned around to face me. My eyes went wide when I saw him. He had on a pair of leather gloves and was holding a butcher’s knife.

I gasped silently as he made his way towards me, his eyes no longer containing that hazel glow. I could see him clearly, as the light from above the stairs shone brightly into the kitchen.

‘J-Justin?’ I stuttered, suddenly not feeling so tired.

‘Yes?’ he said his voice unusually hoarse.

‘w-what are you doing?’

‘Nothing’ he replied simply, tossing the knife in this gloved hands.

I gulped and started to back up against the counter. Justin gripped the handle of the knife and brought it up to my neck.

‘What is there to be afraid of?’ he asked, an infamous smirk playing on his face.

‘N-nothing.’ I replied, a tear pouring down my face.

‘Oh there’s something.’ He said, still smirking.

‘Justin what are you doing?!’ I asked, a sudden spark of confidence spiking through me.

‘Killing you.’ He simply replied, before pushing the knife into my throat and letting it go, as it stuck in my neck. I screamed out in pain, my hand immediately making its way to the neck.

I pulled out the knife, screaming out in pain again. I dropped to the floor, clutching my neck watching blood pouring through my fingers.

I dropped the blood-covered knife and looked up at Justin. He had tears in his eyes. He blew me a kiss and whispered something, barely audible.


Before, he walked out of the kitchen, leaving me in unbearable pain.








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